The London Brand


As with many business brands, London is famous for so many things and yet has no one specialty. In these situations, having a professional brand and logo design becomes even more important. For this reason, the city of London has undergone a large branding effort, contracting with a design agency to have a professional identity and London Logo Design created.

While creating an identity for a city with so much flavour seems like a simple task, it actually will be very complicated. Not only does London need a logo design, it also needs one that can encompass all of the city’s other brands, which include tourism, the government, and even the Olympics.

The logo design is still in the works and completely secret, but there are a few elements that design professionals expect to see. First, the colour palette will likely be bright, in keeping with the city’s aesthetic. Dark or sombre colours would only highlight one of London’s biggest drawbacks: often gray weather. Second, a clean font will probably be used because it is reflective of those, such as Johnston and Gill Sans, which are currently used around the city.

Shape will likely be a large and noticeable part of the new London logo design, but what shape will this be? Many people expect that the circle will be a central shape because it is relevant to the city. Not only is London a basically circular, concentric city, the circle is currently used in common London landmark logos such as that of the Underground. Whatever shape is chosen, it will likely be simple and bold like the city.

White space is another common theme seen in London signs and logos. This creates a clean, modern feeling that is definitely reminiscent of the city’s aesthetic. Because white space is easy to incorporate into the existing logos and signs that comprise the city’s brand, it makes a good choice for the city’s overarching logo design.

A more complicated issue that the London logo design should address is the city’s diversity. London is unique in the many ethnic and social groups that retain their identity while becoming part of the city as a whole. A logo design that expresses this very unique aspect will be more likely to resonate with locals and visitors alike.

The city of London accepted bids a few months ago and awarded the job to an international branding agency. The design is due to be released any day, likely with the pomp and circumstance befitting a logo for this ancient yet modern city. Whether it receives fanfare and acceptance from communities throughout London, the UK, and the world remains to be seen.

The London logo design will have to be a true masterpiece, versatile enough to represent a diverse city with numerous departments but timeless enough to withstand the test of time. With the general unpopularity of the London Olympics logo design, the new city logo design will have to be especially good and especially unique to the city it represents.