The Key to a UK Branded Website?


According to the latest research at Sedo, a domain marketplace, there is one essential way of establishing your business as a player on the UK market: having a .uk website. Two thirds of people who responded to the survey felt that having a specifically British website extension made them feel more trusting and secure at a business website. This may be bad news for companies that have been using other web extensions such as .com, .org, .biz, and .eu. However, developing a website branded specifically for your UK audience can take your business to a level of success that you never may have imagined.

Your website branding is essential to its success—and often, that of your business as well. First, people must be able to look at your website and identify it with your brand. This can be done through prominently displaying a logo design and using brand colours, but there are other aspects as well. Because your brand makes a promise and a bold statement about your business’s personality, you must be sure that these are carried over into your website as well.

Another important part of your business website’s brand is how often it inspires sales, also known as its conversion rate. Raising your number of conversions can be accomplished by carefully wording your landing page as well as by having a web design professional design your site to create a sense of urgency in the viewer. Again, the logo is a key part of this equation, because an effective logo design will inspire people to invest their hard earned cash in your products.

Your domain name is another crucial part of your website’s brand. Ideally, your web address should be for a British landing page with variations for pages that are created to attract customers from other countries. This will give you the credibility of this UK specific web extension without limiting your company from international expansion.

However strong the .uk domain extension may be, the .com extension is not going anywhere, with eighty percent of business websites worldwide using this generic yet well recognized gold standard. Two thirds of the remainder have top level domains such as .org and .eu. However, it is easy to see that people in London and the UK are looking for something a little closer to home. By adopting a specifically British website with a professional logo design and a British web address extension, you can speak directly to consumers in the UK while making other provisions for those located elsewhere.

The most important part of having a website that reaches out successfully to customers in the UK is having your logo, brand, and website designed by a logo design agency that is based in your country. Only a UK agency can understand the unique marketing issues of the British, as well as unique cultural differences between us and the rest of the world. While there is definitely a time and place for going global, sometimes home truly is where the heart is—and where the profits are as well.