The Cost of a UK Logo Design?


Many people think that professional logo design services are too expensive for the average small business, and we may have found the reason. The government in the UK has recently been publically criticised for overspending on logos, including a 60th anniversary NHS logo modification that came to around £6,000 a digit.

IN this most famous example, adding the number sixty to the existing NHS medical logo cost £12,000, which covered the services of two designers for ten days total. If this seems excessive, you should know that this seems to be the going rate for government logos. An investigation by The Times found that paying exorbitant sums is actually quite average within government agencies. For instance, the HomeBuy programme underwent a £21,090 to change the colouring of their logo, just months before going defunct. HomeBuy isn’t alone; FERA, a government agency that regulates plants and bees, paid £153,522 for branding and logo design services.  The cost of logo design and branding for just the three government departments surveyed came to more than one million pounds, although the government has departments in-house dedicated to these exact tasks that are trained to perform the same duties for a few hundred quid. The cost is even higher when you consider signage, stationary, and other rebranding costs.

When asked, most government agencies do not feel that the costs of branding and logo design are expensive. For instance, the NHS has stated that their anniversary logo was cost efficient because it prevented having each individual NHA office from create its own anniversary design.

If these numbers are scaring you away from logo design and branding, you can rest assured that these rates are not typical. Logo design and branding are certainly essential to a company’s success—or that of a government agency—but they don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, we recently wrote a blog article comparing the costs of certain well-known logos, and cost didn’t seem to be a factor.

The real question is: how do government logos cost so much? In many cases, duplication is the real problem. A lack of planning sometimes means that the same logo design gets designed multiple times, which is not helpful to the overall brand. The Department for Communities and Local Government, founded in 2006, originally paid a well known design firm a very reasonable £3,830 for programme branding, which included a logo design. A few months later, it decided the brand was not developed enough and paid a second firm £24,765 for further branding services, which included a new logo design.

Chancellor Alistair Darling is promising higher efficiency and less waste in our government. If he plans to follow through, there are a few obvious places to start. It is not difficult to find talented logo design and branding professionals who can create highly attractive and effective brands and logos for companies like yours at a fraction of what the government seems to find a reasonable price. If you think these services may be right for your company, contact a logo designer today.