The British Wool Brand

By Mash Bonigala

British wool is known all over the world for its high quality and unique products. With more and more people in the UK trying to buy local, this product has huge potential—although, like most commodities, it lacks a ‘brand’. However, more people will soon know about and be able to quickly recognize this product and its benefits thanks to a new logo from industry association British Wool.

The association already has a recognized shepherd’s crook trademark, but the logo is a new addition. This logo design will be used to mark products that are made entirely from British wool, including clothing and carpets. This logo features the recognizable shepherd’s crook with a British flag. The name of the association is written in high contrast white upper case letters that can be read even in small sizes, which is important in logos that may end up on small tags. The entire design is enclosed with a hexagon and colored in the familiar hues of the Union Jack.

This logo design has several benefits. First, it is clear about the products and the brand that it represents. The logo is distinctly British and relates directly to the wool industry. Second, the hexagon gives a feeling of technological superiority that will make these products all the more attractive and explain a slightly higher price point. The wording drives the point home, as though the images were not explanatory enough. Last, as with all successful designs, this logo is different from any other in its industry. This will make it easy to recognize even in small sizes such as on product and clothing tags.

Why is it important to buy British wool? This label represents not just locally made products, but a great deal of oversight. Products bearing it have been tracked from auction to processing to manufacturing to ensure that no other materials were mixed in and that the highest safety measures have been observed. British Wool is also an environmentally friendly choice, as it is sustainable and requires very little processing.

The new logo design will not be just an image, but a symbol. It will be featured on tags, in advertisements, and in product literature. It will be recognized throughout the UK and even throughout the world as a symbol of excellence and high quality. In addition to the logo, British Wool has created a short, educational leaflet to be placed on key products that explains the significance of the logo mark and presents the “story” behind the products. This will help customers understand the importance of buying products that bear this mark.

With the world becoming increasingly competitive, it’s essential to have a logo design that represents your product, whatever that might be. The more your logo tells people about your company and your brand, the more successful it will be in increasing your company sales. This logo design is sure to give British Wool a marketing boost. If your company or organization needs a logo that perfectly represents your product and your cause, contact a professional logo designer.