The Bird Has Flown for YCAT


The Young Concert Artists Trust (or YCAT) is an organisation dedicated to promoting young classical artists in the UK. This organisation is rebranding, adopting a new logo design and even a new name in their quest to modernise and promote the cause. Heretofore, the organisation will be known as the Young Classical Artists Trust, with the same acronym as before, and be presented as the professional and artistic entity that it is.

The old UK logo design was dated and no relevant to the market. It featured the association’s acronym in bold black lettering with the image of a bird in the background. This logo is surprisingly modern considering that it is an astounding 25 years old. However, the bird image no longer has meaning for the market, or even for members of the association. Birds usually represent freedom and grace in logo design, but in this case the image was not really congruent with the feeling that the organisation was trying to portray.

The new and improved YCAT logo features both the organisation’s name and acronym, which will help people who are new to the business to understand the purpose. The acronym has been placed in very plain lower case letters, a change from the old upper case lettering with serifs. In addition, the image is that of a ‘beam’, the slanted line that connects notes in a musical score. This is relevant not just to the industry, but to the progressive, forward-thinking nature of the association as well. It is subtle, but members of the musical community will recognize its meaning.

This new logo design is ultra-modern and has all the rights pieces for success. It is relevant to the industry, attention-getting and progressive in feeling. The logo design and name are not the only parts of YCAT that are getting a makeover; the changes will extend into the website, social networking sites, brand guidelines and the visual identity as a whole. The website will be launching in less than a week and will include information on all of the artists participating in the Trust’s activities.

Creating a new UK logo design and visual identity for an artistic organization can be difficult. First, style becomes more important than ever; not only must the logo design be attractive, it must also match the personality of the entity it represents. In many cases, the temptation to be overly detailed (which leads to clutter) must be overcome. Last, because artistic logo designs are intended to build a long term audience, the design must be timeless in nature.

This may seem like a difficult order to fill, but it is a challenge that professional UK logo designers encounter every day. The most important thing that you can do for your business is to hire a logo designer who is a professional with experience in the UK market. From there, developing a great identity with staying power will be an easy and enjoyable task.