The Best Places to Display Logos


Display Logos – Logos have been around a lot longer than the computer age. They were first seen on banners, flags, Coats of Arms, shields and armor, just to mention few. Others were used in signs for Apothecary Shops, Brothels, Inns, Herbal Shops and Healers shops. As time went on, and more people learned the art of reading, words were often added to these logos. Some logos have been around for centuries and are so recognizable in some countries, that the residents know exactly what they represent.

Enter the age of computers and computerized business. Big business has used logos for decades, again long before the invent of the computer or the internet. Since the computer and the internet, logos have advanced and grown not just in the continuation of their use, but the areas they are used in as well as the way they are displayed.

Many logos, some that haven’t even been termed as logos have become well recognized over the years. Everyone knows what they are seeing when there is a red cross on a white background displayed. Who can forget the Superman logo, or IBM’s striped logo. Our American flag is a great logo design, especially when seen by people of other countries.

Displaying logos has changed over the years, especially with the development of the Internet. Besides seeing logos on banners, in windows, on posters, on billboards, on television, they are on the sides, tops and bottoms of any internet page you go to. This is a great way for many companies to advertise. Millions of viewers see these logos, sometimes many times a day.

The more a logo is seen, the more it sticks in the minds of people. Large companies pay to have their logos with links to their websites displayed all over the internet. They pay to have people display their logos on their web pages and blog sites. It is a method of mass advertisement.

Whats your logo look like? Have you had it done professionally or is something you designed yourself? How does it look when compared to the ones you see on the internet? Maybe it’s time to have it redone. Maybe its time to have a professional logo and website company take a look at your website and logo and help you get your logos on the front pages where millions can see them, remember them and follow the links.

Repetition has always been a method for teaching and advertising. The more a subject sees, hears or reads something, the more they remember it. The same goes for logos. The more a person sees it, the more curious they become. That curiosity can make them your very next new customer. It’s almost like conditioning people. If they constantly see your logo, they learn to recognize it. Once they visit your website, become a customer, they are more likely to refer your website and logo to someone else. Once they click on a link, they are more likely to click again, and again to see if there is anything new to peak their interest. It is just plain human nature, and millions do it everyday. The internet is the biggest billboard around. It’s time to get the right logo and get it displayed on this billboard.