The Art Of Logo Design Video

The Art Of Logo Design Video

Here is a short video of me working on a logo design and branding project for a client of ours. I wanted to talk about the passion and dedication that goes into creating every logo design and how we go from the client brief to brainstorming to hand sketches and finally to the digital output. I am passionate about craftsmanship and things made by hand. I write about these topics often and show case different craftsmen and artisans on this website. Although this video may not match up to the great craftsmen that I seek to aspire to, I believe we are getting there.

I believe Logo Designing has fallen from grace. From the days when artists were respected and admired for creating logos – the foundation stone of any great company or entreprise – to a distasteful and distrustful online business into which any unskilled person can enter to pillage and take what is possible before moving on to other industries.

Our aim at SpellBrand is to show that Logo Designing is still an art form that a handful of companies and designers out there are still dedicated to and committed to treating it like a craft to produce the best designs that companies deserve.

Here is the transcript of the video in case my accent is not clear enough.

Video Transcript

I am Mash Bonigala and I the founder of Spellbrand. I am also the creative Director and designing brands is my passion.

SpellBrand has a tradition of hand made custom designs that goes back almost 15 years creating brands first in Tampa, then in Cleveland and now in London and New York!

Tradition is what happens when you uphold quality every day and in every step of the process.

It begins with understanding the project brief. This is not just to meet the requirements of the client but to ensure that the designs we create serve the client’s business as they should. It is not just about pretty designs but rather the right designs that a company needs.

At SpellBrand, we research the client’s target market and competition quite throughly. Ideas are generated during the research that would then go into a creative session to be sketched out on paper.

Upholding quality is a very painstaking process. For example, sketching is the toughest part of the process and could take up to 2 or 3 business days for each project. Some times though, ideas may rush through in a couple of hours. This is not a science but rather an art form.

Sketching by hand instead of jumping straight into a design software ensures that creativity comes to the forefront. And when we say we create custom logos by hand, we mean by hand – on paper, with a pencil.

Once we have a hand full of promising ideas sketched out, we then move into the digital realm by scanning the sketches and firing up Adobe Illustrator. Bringing the sketched ideas to life in the design software could take a lot of time too. Every thing has to be pixel perfect.

From the initial research to the pencil sketches to the digital images of the logo concepts, every step of the process is hand tailored to ensure that your company logo not only looks beautiful but also works well in communicating the right message about your company to your target market.

When there is a better way to design, we will change. But till then, we will remain faithful to the quality that only a hand made custom logo design can deliver.

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