The 5 Team Members Your Small Business Needs


There’s no doubt that small businesses run on limited budgets. There’s also no doubt that some of your smartest investments will be in the people you hire to bring your business to the next level.

Not every person on your team needs to have years of experience or be well-known as an industry expert. In fact, young and smart people may work the hardest trying to make a name for themselves (and raise their own job title and salary).

You will want to aim for hiring the right mix of people including veterans, scrappy up-and-comers, freelancers and full-time team members. The goal is wisely using your hiring budget while still being the best you can be.

Here are the five-team members you need:

The veteran marketer.

It’s important that the marketer on your team comes in with experience. Marketing is expensive and you want someone who knows how to get the best ROI out of your advertising and marketing dollars. In our company, this role is taken over by our brand manager.

The talented developer.

If you’re building out a tech company this is absolutely crucial (obviously), and you’ll want to hire someone with experience. If you’re just looking for someone to build and maintain your small business website you could hire a talented freelancer. There’s no reason to hire a full time developer if you just need a little bit of work done.

The experienced designer.

As with your developer, you might consider hiring a freelancing designer. You’ll definitely want someone with experience. A lot of young, amateur freelance designers can create nice looking projects; however, you want someone who understands and knows how to design with user experience and conversion optimization in mind. It is especially more critical for a logo design firm like ours. Even some thing as mundane as sourcing images for website design requires a team member with skill.

The always-professional customer service rep.

Providing exceptional customer service is incredibly important. When hiring a customer service rep you can hire someone with limited experience; however, make sure they are always professional and know how to track service requests. Teach them to use customer service ticket tracking software like

The smart number-cruncher.

Having an accountant on board is important for monitoring cash flow. You need someone who always knows which bills have been paid, what’s due, who owes you and how much you need to make to hit profitability (and maintain it). This person doesn’t necessarily need a ton of experience, but it is helpful if he or she has some business experience along with a degree.

In the early days the number-cruncher may be you. After all, as a small business owner you need to be on top of financials. As your business scales you’ll want to hire someone who can help with financial projections and other aspects of accounting while you focus on overall business growth.

Remember to hire slow and thoughtfully. Make sure you have the capital to keep your full time employees for the long-term. There’s nothing worse than having to let a great employee go months down the road because you don’t have the money to pay their salary and benefits.

Hire the best people for not only the job itself but for the culture of your company. Don’t make fast hiring decisions just because you need someone now. Your employees are an investment and you want to be smart about who joins your team.

The right people can take your business to the next level (and the next level after that) but the wrong hires can sink your ship fast.

Who do you consider indispensable on your team? Leave a comment below.