TCBY: Can This Yogurt Logo Be Saved?


In many ways, TCBY was ahead of their time. One of the first national frozen yogurt chains, TCBY was offering healthy snacks with fun toppings long before competitors such as Red Mango and Pinkberry. With over 900 franchise locations, this brand has a presence that would make most frozen yogurt shops envious. However, something has kept this national chain from achieving the cool factor that its newer competitors enjoy. Will a new Yogurt Logo with completely new visual elements and an entirely changed logo design change this?

In a market where most people would prefer a nonfat froyo covered with nuts and fruit over a sugary, fat-laden ice cream cone, it should not be hard for TCBY to find success. However, their old brand may have been part of what was holding them back. The color palette in red and white was reminiscent of fast food, not exactly the image that the company was trying to create. The fun, somewhat erratic writing of the company name was friendly but a little too childlike to hold much appeal for the key markets of adolescents and young adults. A plain ice cream cone to the right showed what must be the most boring item the company offered: a plain vanilla froyo in an equally plain cone. This identity was not a complete loser, but it was just a little clumsy and did nothing to position the brand to its customer base.

The new brand is definitely an improvement and seems to be a desperate attempt to match the popularity of other frozen Yogurt Logos. The color palette has changed entirely, now in an electric shade of pink with equally bright tones in supporting roles. The writing is certainly friendlier, in all lower case letters with rounding to create a friendly feeling. The Y at the end of the name has been cleverly drawn to resemble a frozen yogurt cup, tying the identity into the store itself. Further, the logo has a lot of white space, which gives it a clean, modern feeling and will likely become part of the locations’ décor.

One potential problem with the new brand is the tagline. Positioned next to the name in a similarly round font, it is so light it virtually disappears. Moreover, it looks a little crowded, like the designer was desperate to smash it into this small amount of space and sacrificed a little style to do so. Is gray compatible with a frozen Yogurt Logo? Can an overcrowded and cluttered logo make customers think of a light product or a comfortable store environment?

The brand is not the only thing changing; the company plans to change the way their ice cream is served, switching to a self-serve model. New flavors and new toppings will be offered to be more in line with the tastes of modern customers. Locations will also be overhauled to match the new and improved design. Will this brand be saved by entirely new visual elements, a sparkling yet somewhat trendy logo, and a more modern approach to their product? Although the jury is still out, the future does feel hopeful for this old-school frozen Yogurt Logo.