T-Shirt Website Design Review


A t-shirt website for a young t-shirt designer has two major challenges: building the company brand, and selling product. This was the lens that we used to view Inkefx. For the branding element, the website visuals create a creative brand with just a hint of darkness, which is very popular in this genre of clothing design.

Website Reviewed: Inkefx T-Shirt Website

The brand is similar to many other t-shirts businesses that are popular right now, which can be good (you know it appeals to the market) and bad (it does nothing to set the brand apart from others). Branding is very important because so many people buy t-shirts because of the brand and are indeed willing to pay very high sums for the right brand. Consider, for example, the success of Affliction and Ed Hardy, two businesses that have casual wear as their core product.

As for selling t-shirts, one of the major drawbacks is that the link to the t-shirt product pages says “Buy Now”. It is the wrong place for a call to action; a better strategy would be to have that links say “Find Out More” or similar. Many customers will want to see more about the brand before committing to buying and not realize that this is, in fact, the way to do so.

Creativity: 5 stars. The website is creative and shows off the creators’ skill, especially in the color palette. Distressed black with yellow as an accent color world well with the brand. The photography is also creative and shows the products from a variety of angles.

Ease of use: 4 stars. The shopping page is the landing page, which is a little confusing because there is a ‘Shop’ page on the landing bar that takes you home. There are a few other elements that conflict with easy use of the website, but these may be due to the relative newness of the brand.

Functionality:  4 stars. From the landing page alone, you can follow the brand on either Twitter or Facebook as well as ‘liking’ or ‘+1-ing’ the brand in social media; links are available in both the header and the footer, making them easy to find. In addition, there is a newsletter that users can sign up for if they would like to hear about sales and other website events. There are such a variety of ways to interact with the brand that many users will choose to do so.

Content: 3 stars. There are a few errors and run-on sentences here and there throughout the website, but they are minimal. However, one of our real issues with the content is that it is not ‘branded’—that is, it is not really in the same tone as the rest of the website.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. The visual aspects of the brand are very appropriate for the audience of young men in search of casual wear. The brand has the potential to ‘make it big’ if the website has minimal changes made.

Overall: 4.2 out of 5 stars