SustainAbility Website


Are you looking for ways to make your business a little more sustainable? Aren’t we all! This has become such a popular modern cause that it is easy to see a consultancy offering these services being highly successful—if they create a brand that their customers can believe in.

Website Reviewed:

SustainAbility does exactly that, avoiding clichés while remaining clear about their industry and their purpose. Instead of the obvious green, a soothing blue is used to create a sense of nature and calm. Rounded sans-serif letters in the logo design and throughout the landing page underscore this feeling. Emphasis is added with italics rather than with bold letters to avoid being overwhelming. This website is successful merely because it creates a very specific feeling in those who view it, although the content is worth looking at as well.

A company blog with several contributors presents the company’s diverse range of experience and viewpoints, while the tabs at the top of the landing page make it easy for potential customers and other interested parties to get more information about the brand easily. The arrows used in the logo design are seen in different parts of the site, adding to the cohesive sense of brand. A box at the bottom of the page gives instructions for contacting the company through a variety of channels both on and offline.

Here is our breakdown of the SustainAbility website’s advantages and weaknesses:

Creativity: 4 stars. This website is not the most creative one we have seen, but it is creative in using symbols and colors that are clearly associated with the green movement without being overused. This is refreshing and shows their ability to think outside of the obvious solutions.

Ease of use: 4 stars. While the home page is a little crowded, the bar at the top makes it easy to bypass the clutter and move directly to the information you are seeking. The pages take a little more time to load than usual due to the huge amount of information and graphics on each one, but it is not so long that customers will navigate somewhere else.

Functionality: 5 stars. Contact information, including physical offices, Twitter, Facebook, and email addresses, is contained in a bar at the bottom of every page, and a Contact tab at the top of each page makes sure anyone can find more information if that is what they are seeking.

Content: 5 stars. Not only is the text in the website well written, the blog and other articles are interesting as well. A highly professional and knowledgeable image is given.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. Clean and calming, this website presents the consultancy as a solver of problems, which is exactly what their prospective clients are seeking. Nontraditional but still relevant colors and shapes set SustainAbility apart from the pack.

Overall: 4.6 stars. This is a high score, but this company and their website have certainly earned it with an intuitive and original design backed up by interesting and professionally written copy.