Summer Ecommerce: How It Is Different and How You Can Adapt

By Eva Alsis

It’s summer already, and kids are out playing, vacation spots hopping, and air conditioners buzzing in neighbourhoods through the nation. Summer is definitely different from other parts of the year, and this is just as true for ecommerce websites. You are dealing with a customer base that has temporarily changed habits, and you’d probably like to fit a vacation in as well. Here are a few ways of dealing with the challenges that summer can present.

  1. Know your customers. Habits change in the summer, and it behooves you to know how your audience changes. Are you dealing with parents who have the added duties of 24/7 childcare? Readers who are looking for lighter, vacation-friendly material? Foodies who will be firing up the grill every night? Think hard about how your customers’ lives are different in the warm months so you can modify your business accordingly.
  2. Offer summer-friendly products. People buy different things in the summer. The movie, television, and literature industries understand this and you should as well. Whatever you are selling, you should look carefully for opportunities to offer new, interesting, and seasonally relevant goods and services.
  3. Get mobile. Your customers are going to be busier, and they will be away from home more as well. Now it is more important than ever to offer mobile marketing and mobile ecommerce. Your customers are on the go, and if you can’t support that, another ecommerce website will be happy to.
  4. Brighten your design. It is a sunny time of year, and this can be reflected in your own ecommerce website with just a few changes. Try using slightly lighter hues for a while, and replacing darker images with summer-y ones. This is not mandatory, but it is a fun way to celebrate the season.
  5. Plan wisely for your own vacation. Do not—do not!—close down shop for a week or two. It is the best way to lose all of the momentum that you have won over the colder months. Instead, look for other options. Can you hire someone to handle the most important tasks while you are gone? Can you outsource certain duties temporarily? Can you perform certain functions from your smartphone? If you need a vacation (don’t we all?) then by all means find a way to make it work without sacrificing your business.
  6. Plan ahead. If your business is one that has a summer slump, then use that time to plan ahead. The holidays are just around the corner, and this could be your big year if you play your cards right. Start planning new product lines, new marketing campaigns, and brainstorming for busier months.

Life goes by seasons and so does the business world. Summer is not just a time to veg; it’s a time to impress your customers, cater to your market’s changing needs, and plan for the other nine months of the year. Most ecommerce website consider this their slow time of year, but that does not have to mean sitting around waiting for an order.