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Eva Alsis

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Please complete and submit the creative brief below so that we can initiate your project.

  • Brand/Logo Details

  • Design Preferences

  • For Example:
    * Real Estate: I want a symbol made up of my initials and a roof.
    * A Texas Baseball Team: I want a symbol which has a Texas Map Outline with a Bull, and bats surrounding it.
    * Golf Instructor: I want a speech box in a shape of golf turf with a golfer on it playing.
    * A Communications Technology Firm: I want to show people communicating, so a symbol incorporating arrows and abstract people etc.
  • For Example:
    * A photographer : A lens incorporated into the “O” of photography
    * Human Resource Firm : A person incorporated in place of the first letter “I”
  • Your Likes and Dislikes

  • Please select 5-10 logos that you like from options below. This will help us understand the design styles most appeal to you and match your vision.
  • Please select 3 color palettes you like
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