Strong Logo Design Placement


For web sites and web designers a strong logo design which conveys the heart of a website’s mission statement is an integral part of branding through you website. This logo varies greatly depending on the type of website design and the target demographic. However, understanding the dynamic of the logo itself is important.

When designing a logo for a website, it must convey the intention of the site, and appeal to the target demographic. The importance of the logo is itself dependent on the target market, some groups responding in a stronger manner than others to logos.

The logo design itself can direct attention away from content or direct attention away from navigation if the logo is dynamic and interesting itself. In such cases it is important to place the logo in both a recognizable position and allow the logo to draw attention to content or navigation.

Using a logo design to direct navigation can be a useful tool in web design, as the eye has certain patterns it tends to follow. With strong use of lines, beginning with a dynamic logo, one can direct attention to content or navigation, using a dynamic logo as an eye’s starting point.

In art, the center of the picture is very seldom used as the focal point of the piece, because the eye will trapped at only the center, rendering the rest of the picture or piece uninteresting. By offsetting the focal point and strong use of line, artists have been able to use strong focal points for a picture and in conjunction with line have created pieces where they eye may be directed in a specific sequence.

In cases where a less dynamic logo is used, it may be the focal point of a web page layout. This is because it does not strive to attract the attention of the reader’s eye, it is only an icon to represent the web page. In which case the use of line is no less important, but used in a more direct manner to encourage the eye to move through navigation or content.

With very simple logos or icons they can be placed as if they are letter headers, giving a more professional look and feel to content. When used as letter headers logos or icons can give a websites mark of approval to content, and if they reputation of the website is strong, readers may have a sense of security regarding content. This is sense of security is do both to the website and the strong recognition of a highly professional logo.

In summation, logos being an integral part of web marketing, can be used both as artistic statements about the site, or for strong professional recognition.