Spunky Bubs Website Review


Baby clothing and gear is big business, with many new parents willing to drop a small fortune to keep their little one outfitted in the latest styles. As a result, many baby businesses have sprung up with clothing and accessories to keep little ones and their parents happy. Spunky Bubs is just one of these.

The website is undeniably cute but well organized and informative enough to keep parents happy. The theme is arts and crafts with an owl and his surroundings created from what appears to be a collage of calico prints. A few pictures of adorable children in the products being sold dominate the front page, giving a scrapbook feel. The website is divided into clothing for the two genders (“spunk” and “spunkette”) as well as accessories. For people who want more information on ordering from the site, or who simply want to experience the brand a little further, there are tabs for services and contact information. There is also a blog as well as links to Facebook and Twitter.

Website Reviewed: spunkybubs.com.au

The cute yet modern site is a direct reflection of the type of clothing being sold here. It is well branded and (I almost hate to say it) so simple that even a child could navigate it.

Creativity: 4 stars. The designers get serious points for avoiding the usual baby stereotypes like rattles and strollers in syrupy pastels. However, the fabric and the scrapbooking theme is not as original as it seems—in fact, it can be seen in blogs and Etsy-type baby goods sites all over the internet.

Ease of use: 5 stars. This website could not be easier to use, with tabs at the top taking visitors to any section that they wish to visit. Information about free international shipping and gift wrapping is placed on the front page to be all the more enticing to potential customers.

Functionality: 5 stars. Links to Twitter and Facebook sites on the front page make it easy to become a long-term fan of the brand. It would be nicer still if the blog linked somehow to these sites (and vice versa). One thing we especially appreciated was the sizing information, which is crucial for parents ordering clothing from brands that they are not familiar with.

Content: 3 stars. The content is well written, informative and grammatically correct—until you get to the blog. It is just as important to be correct on a blog because customers will certainly be forming impressions. In this case, the poor writing detracted from otherwise informational and useful message in post after post.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. Although it avoids clichés, this website is undeniably appropriate for children’s products and clothing. The calico/bird/scrapbooking theme is relevant to children without overdoing it or falling back on tired and overused images and colors.

Overall: 4.4 stars. This childlike website avoids being childish while remaining relevant to the age group. There is certainly room for improvement, but it is overall a winner.