Sports Logo Design

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Sports Logo Design

What makes a sports logo design successful? This question is at the very heart of branding. Your logo must appeal to players, fans, and just about everyone else involved with the team, club, or business in question. They must show the unique spirit and drive that make the organisation stand out from the others. For this reason, designing a Logo Design, particularly in the ultra-competitive areas of London and the UK, is quite a tall order. However, there are a few basic elements that contribute to the effectiveness of your brand mark.

Colour. If your organisation is a team or club that already has chosen colours, this part of developing your identity will be simple. However, if you are starting from scratch, the sky is the limit. Many teams incorporate bold colours such as red, orange, and yellow in their logos. These colours are not just attention getters, but also easy to pick out on a sports field.

Image. Again, if your organisation is a team or a club with a mascot, you have a ready-made image that can be inserted in your identity. However, even the most beloved mascots sometimes have to be reworked in order to maintain relevance and keep their modern edge. If you have a sports related business with no mascot, consider using images of balls, protective equipment, or other images commonly associated with your pastime in your logos. If your sport has to do with water, the colour blue along with wave-like shapes can send your message.

Shape. The shield is a very common shape in in this industry because it comes across as very traditional, but also has a definite war-like connotation. Because every day on the field can be a battle, this is an appropriate shape. Another common shape is the circle. Not only do circles make people feel included and befriended, they are the same shape as the balls used in most sports. More complicated shapes exist, but you use them at your peril because they are not as to understand.

Font. There’s a reason most organizations use bold, thick lettering in their logos: it creates a commanding and aggressive presence. With shadowing and other optical tricks, these letters can be made so they appear to be moving or coming out of the image. This creates a logo that catches the eye and holds it, which thereby increases memory and recognition among customers, fans, and the community at large.

Do you own or manage any kind of sports organisation? If so, having a professional identity created by an experienced professional may give you that edge you have been seeking. Don’t let your competitors have the upper hand; let a logo designer create a meaningful logo that rallies your team and intimidates the competition. Sometimes a new logo can be a turning point for businesses and teams alike.