Spam: A Real Threat to UK Brands


If you have turned on a computer lately, you have probably noticed that spam is somewhat of a problem. However, new research reveals that it is not just a problem, but an epidemic. Spam has doubled in the past year and now one in ten UK websites are responsible for creating it. This means that consumers are becoming more and more on guard when it comes to online brands, which may be one of the top threats to your business and your brand.

While spam is a problem everywhere, it is nowhere more so than in the UK. In fact, our nation has been named as one of the most dangerous countries in which to surf the internet. One out of five websites in the UK operate unethically when it comes to email marketing, using questionable practices such as automatically signing up customers for marketing lists and sharing personal information with other companies for financial profit. One third of emails in UK inboxes come from these third parties and many are malicious in nature, making this not just an annoyance but a very real threat.

With spam filling inboxes all over the UK, customers are even more likely to be wary of your more legitimate attempts to reach out to them. However, there are several ways you can make your business more approachable. You can join the Stop Spam Abuse Facebook campaign and encourage your customers to do so as well. By taking a stand on this issue, you come across as a business owner with integrity. You can also make your email policies as transparent as possible, so that customers understand when and under what conditions their information will be used.

One way to encourage customers to trust your business and your website is to have a brand and a logo design that suggest trustworthiness and integrity. There are several ways of accomplishing this, such as by using colours and shapes that make customers feel at ease with you. When you have a professionally crafted brand that is backed up by legitimate and responsible practices, the result will be a public that is more likely to trust you and do business with you.

Are you doing everything you can to make customers feel good about your business? The stakes are higher than ever in this regard. Online scams cost an astounding £3.5 billion a year to more than three million people in the UK. These consumers are growing more and more wary, and less likely to do business on the internet with an unknown website.

While branding your business as trustworthy in this storm of unethical behaviour can be a challenge, it can be an opportunity as well. If many businesses are leaving their integrity at their data port, you will stand out from the pack when you take this important stand. Talk to a logo designer or branding consultant today to see how you can create the public image that you need to be successful.