Software Company Website Design Review


If you are selling any kind of programming services, you, of course, need a professionally designed business website. Potential customers are going to look at your site and assume that it is the best possible example of your work. The Bread & Pepper website is a good example of this principle.

The landing page is rather simple and more about brand than the business side of things. Three cartoon characters representing the company’s founders sit behind laptops and peek out when you move your mouse over them. At the top there is a navigation bar that takes visitors to examples of the company’s products and services, while bright icons at the bottom show some of the most popular products. There are also links at the bottom of every page to several different social networking pages.

Website Reviewed:

The company has a tagline that is including in several key places: Simple interfaces, spicy code. Because this concept is an integral part of the company, it is an excellent addition in every case. Together with the website colors and overall design, it helps to introduce prospective customers to the brand.

One of our chief complaints is that clicking on the ‘Products’ tab takes you directly to one of the products, rather than to a directory. Despite this, the products are certainly well represented. The same bright icons we saw on the homepage are presented here as well so you can navigate through the portfolio. Each app is explained in sufficient detail and several screenshots are given as pop-outs so you can really get a good idea of how it works. Most app websites show only one screenshot, often with a much poorer explanation.

The ‘Notebook’ tab takes you to a blog, but it is more than a daily update. This blog serves to build the brand with relevant quotes and opinions on the day’s internet controversies. It’s an interesting way of promoting the brand and letting people get involved with the company on an emotional level.

This website gives visitors a firm sense of the company, not just their products but who they are as programmers and as people.

Creativity: 5 stars. Little creative elements throughout the website give people a sense of the designers’ skills. Color is used well for a professional yet fun image.

Ease of use: 4 stars.  The navigation bar is there, but it is less visible than we think it should be. Using color or a larger font would really help. In addition, each button leads you not to a directory, but right into the mix. This can be confusing for users.

Functionality: 5 stars. Social networks, blogs, and other links are all accessible from this website.

Content: 5 stars. The content offers just the right amount of detail in succinct and clear3yet amusing language.

Appropriateness: 4 stars. The content is appropriate for the brand, but it may be a little too fun for a professional website.

Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars.