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Software startups logo designs are an important part of success in this growing industry. There are so many different software companies and startups and such a variety of niche fields in the world that a logo design is an important part of showing customers what makes your business different from the others. Here are several things to think about when choosing this crucial part of your branding strategy.

Style. What kind of a startup are you? What is your style? The style that you choose for your logo will be translated in many different ways throughout your business. It will affect the decorations in your locations, the aspects of your website, and the way your employees interact with customers. Are you classic or modern, friendly or formal, practical or full of frills? Before you begin the process of having your brand created, you need to decide on a style that will define your company.

Colour. Colour is definitely an integral part of all logos, but software brand marks especially. Through your color, you communicate not just your style, but the key values of your company. If your company aims to make customers’ lives easier, you can show this in a relaxing blue or green color palette. If you are trying to attract attention to your company, you may want to try colors that attract attention such as red, orange, and yellow. If you are a ‘black and white’ company, blacks, whites, and grays are all logical choices. Colour can be used to communicate just about anything if you use it wisely.

Shapes and Images. There are several choices when it comes to these designs. First, you can choose to use an image in your logo. Whether this image is related to the field of IT or related somehow to your business, it’s important that it somehow tie into your company in a unique and recognizable way. If there are no images that are meaningful, you can use a more abstract image made up of shapes that represent your company in a more symbolic and less direct way.

Wording. The wording is an important part of your logo. Not only must you choose what font in which to write your company name and how the words should be oriented around your chosen images. Another thing to consider in designing is whether or not to include a tagline. Taglines are effective ways to communicate important things to the audience, but they also can detract from the image if not handled properly.

Your brand should a unique expression that is relevant to your company and your company alone. Nothing else will have the same impact on your target market. A professional logo designer will be able to design marks that perfectly represent your company and draw in customers who want products and services just like yours. A logo is too big of a piece of your company to leave this job to anything less than a trained, experienced professional.