Social Networking Off the Beaten Path


Your ecommerce website probably has a social networking presence already, on Facebook, Twitter or another big social media name. However, there are hundreds of different social networking pages out there that are very popular within certain niches. If you are trying to reach out to one of these markets, these may just be the place to advertise or build a profile. Here are some of our top picks, organized by the type of customer who favors them.

  1. The Baby Boomer. Generations like to stick together, and Eons is a social networking site developed specifically for the older Boomer. It has games, groups and information geared toward this unique age group.
  2. The Environmentalist. If you are trying to reach out to an eco-friendly crowd, WiserEarth is the place to do so. This website is a gathering place for organizations and regular people who are trying to change the world—literally.
  3. The Hipster. Bebo is the place to be for people who are way too cool for Facebook or Myspace. It is similar to these websites, but more functional and easier to customize. Bebo is the Apple of the social networking world: a youthful, cool choice that is just far enough outside the mainstream to have a cult following.
  4. The Hobbyist. LifeKnot is a social media website in which users can interact with others who share their hobbies, such as photography or favorite foods. If you serve a specific hobby niche, this is the place to find relevant traffic. Other companies don’t seem to be catching on to the power of this site, so you will get in on the ground floor.
  5. The Mom. CafeMom is one of those sites that no one has head of unless they have children. People with children turn to this website for social networking and information on their latest obsession—parenting. With more than 3 million hits every month, this is the place to be seen if you are marketing to parents or children.
  6. The International. You’ve probably never heard of Hi5, but people in Asia and Latin America have. It is a popular website outside of the United States and can be a marketing boon if you are planning an international expansion. Orkut is another social media website with far greater power in international markets. You probably have not even heard of this Google brand, but it has more than 100 million users.
  7. The Gamer. If your customers love video games, they probably love Raptr as well. This social networking site is dedicated to gaming and allows users to track their virtual achievements and link to live gaming accounts. 
  8. The Reader. WeRead is a social media website for readers. People can share thoughts on their favorite books, add recent reads to their profile, and have discussions about literature. If you are reaching out to hardcore bookworms, you can be sure they will be reading here.
  9. The Blogger. Xanga is a social networking website that is more blog oriented and less cut-throat than the more popular brands. It is not by any means new, and enjoys a dedicated following of more than 40 million members.