Social Media as an SEO Tool


As an ecommerce website owner, you probably hear a lot about SEO, or search engine optimization. Indeed, SEO is one of the most powerful and most affordable ways to keep a steady flow of customers to your website. Companies of all sizes are working constantly to improve their SEO. However, many underestimate the power of social media when it comes to optimizing their ecommerce website.

Relevant Links Are Priceless

The first and most obvious way that social media can affect your SEO is by giving you relevant links. Google and other search engines have confirmed that links from social networking websites have a positive effect on ranking. It is worth it to make a social media page just to get that link, although hopefully your fans will also give you link love.

It is always difficult to get those links, but they are so important to your SEO. Social networking at least gives you a little control over the situation.

One way of increasing links to look at review websites. Go onto these sites and search for your business. First, deal with any feedback, either negative or positive. This is essential to building your small business’s brand. However, it has another benefit: when you respond, leave your website address. You’ll be adding another link while also dealing with feedback in a proactive manner.

Hints at New SEO Terms and Content

In addition to providing much needed links, social media can have SEO value in that the platforms can help you identify what search engine terms to optimize for. Look through the discussions and blogs written by people who are looking for products similar to yours. What kind of wording and phrases do they use? This can help you understand what search terms are most relevant to your business.

This can also help you to determine what new content is needed on your ecommerce website. Many business owners are using fresh content, for example a blog, to improve their ranking. If your fresh content addresses some of customers’ needs, it is more likely to be shared, linked to, and discussed. This will give you yet more SEO power.

Go Viral

It is rarely a good idea to be controversial, but think of ways that your content could ‘go viral’. This is truly an SEO dream, because it puts your business information (including your website) into the public eye, where a Google bot is sure to see it. However, it can be difficult to create a viral phenomenon from a video that is placed on an ecommerce website or even on Youtube. Facebook and other social media, on the other hand, make it easy to share and even easier to see what your friends are liking. They make going viral a lot easier, which can mean more links and a high search engine ranking for you.

Social media is the best friend of ecommerce website owners. It offers so many ways to increase your chances of success. Are you using social networking to its best potential?