Top 10 Snack Company Logo Designs


Why do you buy your favorite snacks? Many people insist that it is the flavor, but logo designers and marketing consultants know that having an effective logo along with a cohesive brand can be a huge help at once. These snack companies have winning brands, alluring logos, and an undeniable power over the American public.

1. Chicken in a Biskit Logo Design

Chicken in a Biskit Logo Design
This niche favorite snack cracker has a snack company logo that expresses key facts about the product. First, yes, the cracker does have chicken and chicken flavoring in the ingredients. Second, the logo contained yellow, which is a common color used in crackers and savory snack products. The half circle in the background looks like a sun, which can represent both nature and the dawning of a new day. The writing is rounded and swirling, adding to the friendly image of this cracker. The writing as well as the background are both in a deep, calming, blue.

2. Pepperidge Farms Logo Design

Pepperidge Farms Logo Design
This company makes a variety of snacks, but all use this interesting and recognizable logo, which allows higher brand recognition for this international company. The logo features simply the farm that the brand is named after itself, a picturesque scene with a barn and a waterwheel. The name of the company is written in a food-friendly red and yellow color scheme, in what appears to be a ribbon. Because ribbons usually imply being a leader in one film, this provides a pleasant contrast with the farm scene as well as showing the brand’s quality.

3. Orville Redenbacher’s Logo Design

Orville Redenbacher’s Logo Design
This brand of gourmet popcorn also uses a ribbon in its logo to show the company’s high quality and dedication to excellence. The white writing has enough serif to be serious, but it is still rounded and friendly. The ribbon is red and gold, two colors that are commonly used in snack food. An image of corn shows exactly what kind of product is contained within the packaging. The impression that this is a high quality popcorn cannot be missed, which makes this logo very effective.

4. Wheat Thins Logo Design

Wheat Thins Logo Design
These crackers are more conventionally flavored than Chicken in a Biskit, and their logo shows it. The common color palette of calming blue and savory yellow is used, but the writing is more grown up and features flourishes. In the background are several stalks of wheat in the key logo theme colors of blue and yellow. In case you didn’t know what a Wheat Thin is, the tagline below reads ‘baked snack cracker’.

5. Cheese Nips Logo Design

Cheese Nips Logo Design
It’s easy to tell what Cheese Nips taste like from their name, but the logo is just as revealing. The writing is bold and in a can’t-be-missed bright red. The letters appear to be three dimensional, truly making them pop. Orange crackers appear to be flying out from the center, suggesting that the cracker is an explosion of flavor. The red, orange, and gold color scheme makes this box stand out even in a crowded aisle.

6. Oreo Logo Design

Oreo Logo Design
This cookie is an American classic, and with this snack company logo design it’s easy to see why. The logo is in white with several shades of calming blue. The writing is rounded to give a friendly appearance with the letters arranged at a diagonal. This isn’t the most complicated logo in the snack world, but is a calming friendly one that encourages people to buy the product.

7. Super Pretzel Logo Design

Super Pretzel Logo Design
Super Pretzel’s company name is directly referred to in its logo. The way the logo jumps out at you with a cape like trail behind it is directly reminiscent of famous superhero comics both in shape. Another similarity lies in the bright color palette. An inclusive circle in calming blue surrounds an image of the product itself, giving this super snack a friendlier feeling. The pretzel in the picture takes up most of this circle, making it appear yet stronger.

8. Cheetos Logo Design

Cheetos Logo Design
These cheesy snacks have become an American classic, and the logo is part of this very successful brand. The writing is in the same bright yellow-orange color as the snack itself. However, the packaging also contains large areas of calming blue to offset the action-oriented orange. The writing is rounded, also like the product, but there are slight movement lines at the top edges. There is a glow behind the product name that makes it appear like a headline at the movies. It’s easy to look at this logo and understand key facts about the product, making it another success in the world of branding.

9. Nutter Butter Logo Design

Nutter Butter Logo Design
These peanut flavored cookies are another niche favorite with a cult following. The logo appeals to this market by having one of the actual cookies in the background. In the foreground the name of the brand is written in stark white letters with soothing blue outlining. The writing is slightly wavy, as though it is a mirage, which adds to the appeal. No lover of peanut butter could look at this image and not be tempted, making Nutter Butters an example of logo success.

10. Planter’s Peanuts Logo Design

Planter’s Peanuts Logo Design
How could anyone discuss snack logos without a look at Planter’s famous cartoon character spokesperson, Mr. Peanut? Mr. Peanut is clearly a throwback to a gentler time with his walking stick and single eye glass. However, he is certainly friendly, with a non-confrontational pose and his hand posed to tip his hat. Despite numerous references to past centuries in this logo, Mr. Peanut remains relevant today. Most North American people both recognize this character and associate him with Planter’s Peanuts, making him an undeniable branding success story.

As you can see, there is a huge variation in what makes for an effective logo. For some, an intricate design works, while for others less is more. A circle might be the right shape for one museum, while a triangle or square better for another. The key is to have a logo designer create a logo just for you and your company, because one size definitely does not fit all in the world of marketing.