Small Changes to Logos


The current Pepsi logo (2008-) with the "...

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Everything around us changes. We try to keep up with these changes. It is often called growth. Companies grow too. Not always at the same rate and way that many of their competitors might, but they grow. As they grow they face many decisions. Some of these decisions can have a large effect on the company, how it is viewed, how the sales will go, if the profits will go up or down, and how the public views the company. All major companies have established logos and websites. They face the constant question of whether they need to make changes to that website or logo.

Some companies, well established, have learned that they are well enough known, and their logo is so well known, that too much change could end up hurting them in the long wrong. Some companies have learned this the hard way,  like AT&T who went through 70 different changes and ended up going back to just plain old AT&T.

If you look across the internet you see advertisements on every page. Some of these are from major companies that are well known around the world. You see the logo that you think you are used to seeing, or is it? Some of these humongous companies have made changes to their logos and websites, but stuck with some basics because these were the basics of the original that customers remembered and related to.

For example, AT&T was a blue circle with white spirals and bold lettering. Today the circle is White with blue spiraling and not so bold lettering. At first glance you don’t notice much of a change, but the circle is more like a sphere now and the lettering is small letters instead of capitals. They made subtle changes but kept some things in the logo familiar.

Another example is Pizza Hut. A red hut top with the name underneath and bold lettering was the original. The new one is just a sloppy version of the original with a red sloppy line underneath. Why the change? Who knows? But it still has the basic symbols that make it easily recognizable from a distance, the red roof over the title. Here is an example of a logo design for a pizza restaurant that we created for our client.

Pepsi Cola was in red fancy writing for 42 years. The sizing of the lettering changed but the long, red fancy line from the “P” to “C” was always there. Their most drastic change came in 1998 when they went a more modern way with the blue square, the red, white and blue ball, and the block “PEPSI”. 2003 saw the square change a little, the lettering moved down and the ball moved up. Their latest? Just the red, white and blue ball. People recognize it because they have had those colors and that representation of their bottle cap since 1950.

Sometimes it is just subtle changes to logos over the years. Once the public gets used to a product’s symbol and relate that symbol to that product, then subtle changes don’t become that noticeable. There is usually a main shape and main colors that end up signifying the product, so as they make these subtle changes, people still recognize their logo.