Small Business Landing Pages that Convert

By Mash Bonigala

Many small businesses that use email and search engine marketing to enhance sales find themselves in a difficult position. You may be getting the hits that you need, but sales just aren’t following suit. Converting hits to sales can be a confusing topic, but here are seven tips to help you move your landing page in the right direction.

1. Keep your brand strong. Use your logo design and other visual aspects of your brand consistently throughout your landing page and the rest of your website. If you have a strong brand and a professionally crafted logo design, this will create a very enticing package for customers. If your logo design and brand are lacking, have a professional revamp them before redesigning your website.

2. Keep it simple. Offer information about your business in plain language without jargon or hard sell tactics. These will confuse and frustrate your customer. Who needs that? This will send most people hunting for the ‘back’ button on their browser. Give just the basic information in a simple, straightforward manner and give the customers the details on a separate page.

3. Make the process easy. Allow customers to give you contact information in a simple, one step form that they can complete without thinking twice. This will allow you to continue communicating with them in the future, turning a complete miss into a potential future customer.

4. Offer reasons to buy right now. One way of doing this is by emphasizing the timeliness of what you are offering. Can customers go another day without your product? Are you offering a special deal that won’t be in effect the next time they visit? You will have much higher success if you don’t tell customers to act now, but rather give them a powerful reason that they should.

5. Be trustworthy. Do whatever you have to do to create a feeling of safety on your website. Offer standard protections on your website so customers don’t have to worry about whether their credit card information will be stolen. Put your physical address and phone number on the page to emphasize your legitimacy.

6. Avoid ads. A few well placed ads can defray the cost of running a website, but too many will make you look like a spammer or an unprofessional. Flashy ads that detract from your branding or ones that have offensive content should be avoided at all costs.

7. Call in the professionals when necessary. There are many people who specialize in web design for small business. If none of these strategies work for you, your next step should be to find a reputable web designer with experience in small business landing pages and let them do the heavy lifting. Sometimes nothing can replace the voice of experience.

As you can see, there are concrete steps that you can take to turn hits into sales. By following these seven steps, you can avoid becoming another small business statistic and instead become a small business success story.