Small Business Branding Through Logo Design

By Mash Bonigala

Can you brand your company through logo design? While a great logo alone won’t carry your company—usually—it certainly can give you the advantage you need. Here are a few things to ask yourself about your logo that will help you determine if it is as effective as it could be.

1. Does my logo make my brand more credible? A logo should make your business look credible and trustworthy in several different ways. First, it should be professional so the customer knows that they can count on you for a professional quality job. Second, the logo should be designed using colors, shapes, fonts, and images that make the customer feel more inclined to trust you. Logo design speaks on a subtle level that leaves a lasting impression.

2. Does my logo make my brand look professional? Having a professionally designed logo makes you appear to be more professional and helps you stand out in a crowd of imitators. No one wants to be branded as an amateur, but a less than perfect logo design does exactly that.

3. Does my logo have emotional impact? Customers should look at your logo and have an emotional reaction. If they don’t, there clearly is a problem. There are a variety of ways a logo can impact your audience. It can command them to act, calm and soothe, or even create warm and fuzzy feeling. Know exactly what emotions you want to invoke before beginning the design process.

4. Do my logo and my brand fit my current customer base? It is not at all unusual for your customer base to evolve over time, but you will have to change with it. If you realize one day that you are trying to sell a youth brand to people in the early thirties, it’s time to re-evaluate the way you have branded yourself. It’s okay to occasionally re-evaluate and ‘tweak’ a brand and a logo a little; in fact, it is one of the way the large international companies stay so relevant.

5. Does my logo help me make sakes? Ultimately, trust and credibility combined with a superior product add up to sales and profits. If you aren’t getting the sales you need, you can bet that the problem lies either with your product or your brand. Maybe it is an unprofessional logo that makes your customers question your quality and professionalism. Maybe it is a combination of color and shape that are communicating something other than what you want to say. Sometimes there is a disconnect between the brand presented by the company and the actual products and service. Your logo should help your bottom line, not hold you back.

Your logo should be an ambassador for your brand, telling your customers what to expect from your business and making a promise of quality and service. If your logo design isn’t living up to its job description, it’s time to have a professional logo designer create one that will go the distance.