Sky Arts Monopolizes Key Areas with New Ad Campaign


What good is a brand without publicity? Television channel Sky Arts knows the answer to this question. Sky has teamed up with well-known photographer Rankin to create an ad campaign for its channels Sky Arts 1 and 2. The remarkable part of this campaign isn’t so much that it exists, but where it exists: on every piece of advertising space on key shopping streets in six of the UK’s largest cities. That’s right: key areas of the UK are now wallpapered with art and artists to promote just one channel and the arts community that it represents.

This is an ambitious project, with just one of the streets being the well-traversed Tottenham Court Road in London. Every billboard, bus stop, and even flyer on these streets has been bought by Sky for the promotion of their arts networks. Celebrity photographer Rankin has produced sixteen images, each celebrating a different type of art with a corresponding famous modern artist for this advertising campaign. Featuring well-known figures in the arts, such as dancer Natasha Cudilla and musician Ch-Chi Nwanoku, this campaign positions Sky Arts as the leading purveyor of information on the arts scene.

This certainly is the intent of the ad campaign, as well as an additional goal of promoting the arts in these key metropolitan markets. Called the ‘Sky Arts Street Galleries’, this campaign is not only a source of advertisement and marketing but a source of material for the art networks as well. A documentary on the campaign was broadcast a few nights ago on the two networks, and there are numerous interactive tie-ins as well. In addition to a variety of online components, this campaign will include a contest for new artists, with a prize including having their work in the same advertising slots next year. Rankin, of course, will be the judge of the contest.

This campaign may seem a little over the top, but it is necessary to promote Sky Arts as a separate brand from the other network channels. Because the Sky logo is so plain, it doesn’t lend itself well to an artistic image. Even the use of a rich color palette does little for the cause. Although a logo design with true artistic influence would be the best way to promote a modern and yet creative brand, this campaign will make headway in establishing Sky Arts as a leader in the art world.

This is a good example of modern branding. Because consumers are bombarded with media images, it takes a bold move to capture any attention. People are likely to take notice of this ad campaign, especially people in these key shopping districts where the images cannot be ignored. Although most small businesses cannot afford to advertise on this scale, there are many ways that this spirit can be incorporated into a much smaller budget. A branding and logo design consultant can help you get started today.