Skoda Modernises Their UK Logo Design

By Mash Bonigala

Skoda has one of the more recognisable auto logo designs in the UK, but this is about to change. Beginning in 2012, there will be a new image on the popular autos.

According to the company, the new logo design comes as part of a planned new corporate brand and identity aimed at making the cars feel a little more modern. Models such as the Fabia and the Yeti have been relatively popular in the UK, contributing heavily to the 41,000 cars that Skoda sold in the UK last year. While this is more than a ten per cent increase over the previous year, it nonetheless represents only a two per cent share of the lucrative UK market.

The brand previously used the strap-line, “manufacturer of happy drivers.” However, the global strap-line was “simply clever.” The global strap-line will be used in the UK now to reflect the brand’s change of image. This will also help the company maintain more brand continuity from nation to nation and simplify their internal marketing processes.

The new UK logo design was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 1 March. The changes to the logo are rather minimal—the winged arrow has been made more prominent—but the company has hinted at a completely new brand in store, including a new font. These changes, Skoda hopes, will create a more contemporary image that will win the auto company more sales and hence a larger market share. Four multimedia marketing campaigns are also coming to the UK, including television advertisements for the Yeti and an appearance at the Goodwood Motor Show.

This is merely the beginning of the changes that Skoda has in store. The brand plans to add fourteen dealerships in the UK along with two new models, including a larger family car. These new additions will take place over a two-year time frame. However, the new logo will be used on 2012 models.

This is the perfect time to refresh the brand and logo design to choices that will be more enticing to UK customers. Few businesses are as competitive and brand-oriented as the automobile industry. Many people choose a car for the marque alone and are willing to pay much more for a brand that is perceived as upscale and premium. However, having a professional UK logo design and brand is essential for businesses in every sector.

Another factor that makes 2011 a perfect year for rebranding is the economy. While many in the UK are still feeling the effects of the recession, especially with Government Austerity cutting services left and right, most economic experts believe that we are on the brink of an upturn. The repositioning of Skoda will make it a more popular choice just as more people in the UK feel inclined to make large purchases such as a new car.

How is your business dealing with the recession? While it is tempting to cut marketing and branding services when revenues dwindle, this is actually one of the times when these factors become even more crucial to your success.