Skateboarding Photo Website Review


Online magazines are gaining popularity; after all, a website is a much cheaper and ecologically friendly way of starting a magazine and can gain fans until there is enough funding for a paper edition. Web magazines are especially becoming popular in niche and underground topics. Skateboarding Photo fits in both of those categories.

Website Address:

As the name of the website suggests, this e-zine is all about skateboarding photos. The website landing page features a cascading line of current and previous issues along with a few miscellaneous announcements. Because there is only a cool black background and then the tiles, it is easy to make a choice… although the lack of a navigation bar makes me feel a little lost. Even after I found the navigation bar in the upper corner and clicked on the button that made it appear, I still felt a little lose because the bar only takes you home (where I already was) and allows you to like the website on Facebook. Not exactly a huge range of possibilities.

However, it is easy to find the main elements: issues of the online skateboarding magazine being promoted as well as the places where you can sign up for the email newsletter and become a Facebook fan. These are really good enough, and the magazine is excellent. In all, I thought this website deserved to be reviewed among the best CSS designs, but I have to sigh a little at the lost potential.

Creativity: 5 stars. The ezine is full of creativity, and I really liked the way the pictures are showcase by the relatively plain website theme. All elements are wisely chosen not to detract from the photos.

Ease of use: 2 stars. A navigation bar (a real one) would make this website so much easier to use and also ensure that internal pages were actually looked at once in a while—if they indeed exist. I poked around, but I could not find any other section of the website.

Functionality:  5 stars. This is one area in which the company excels. The links to the email list and the Facebook fan page are both very amusing and also go well with the magazine brand. This website manages to get the job done in a simple and yet edgy way.

Content: 4 stars. The content is well written, albeit sparse, and definitely intended to appeal to the skateboarding audience. This is important considering that the product being promoted is, after all, a magazine. However, there just are not enough words. People cannot find their way around.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is definitely going to appeal to the magazine’s market. First, the black and white color palette has a cool feeling even as it emphasizes the beauty of the photos. Second, the photography used in the website is excellent. Last, all elements give a youthful feeling that this young subculture can relate to. I am not a skateboarder, but I enjoyed this website—and I were a skateboarder, I am sure I would have enjoyed it much more.

Overall: 4.2 out of 5 stars