Should Work Be Fun?


Work is serious business. It’s your avocation and your livelihood and you can’t afford to take it lightly. Most people start businesses in areas for their interest so they usually enjoy their work. Everyone talks about how important being involved and passionate is to the success of your business. But there’s another element that many ignore. That’s having fun.

Mention fun and people start thinking of things that are not serious or important. And running a business is serious and important work, right? Yes it is but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. And having fun is important, it keeps you fresh. 90% of your work is routine stuff. Constant repetition of mechanical tasks can make the businessman a machine. And successful businesses are not run by machines, computers included!

So how do you introduce an element of fun into your work? Here are some proven ideas. Choose any that suit you and look for your own original options.

• Routine is important. It ensures that regular tasks are done regularly. But some work is boring. Do you dislike accounts? If so finish it off the first thing every day. Then go on to the next least enjoyable task. As your day progresses, you will have more enjoyable work to look forward to.

• Let’s say you work 10 hours a day. Make it 11 hours and use the extra hour to do things you enjoy. Make a nice lunch for yourself. Try out new types of coffee. Keep time aside to read something nor related to work. Your work day has become a bit longer, but you will be surprised at how much faster times passes and how fresher and relaxed you are at the end of the day.

• Listen to music while you work. Do not choose music from your collection to match your mood. Listen to the radio where you do not know what will play next. The unexpected sound of something you like will perk you up.

• Get a dog so that you have to stop work a couple of times to take him for a walk. It’s a break you and your dog will enjoy.

• Join an online discussion group or form and use this to project the most outlandish ideas and concepts that you thought of but know will not work. Starting and moderating an outrageous discussion can be fun and a great way to make friends. Visit website solution sites like Ringgle. Even if you don’t need these services now, its fun to dream of when you grow so big that you will.

• If you have others working for you, make it a habit to share a coffee with them and exchange funny stories and talk about things not related to work. It eases many interpersonal tensions and makes the work place more relaxed.

Don’t make a joke of you business and work. It’s too important for that. But having fun does not do that. It is a tonic that, if taken everyday, will keep you active and creative. Doing fun things may add to the length of your work day, but you won’t notice because you have had fun. Remember not to let having fun take over your life. Strike the right balance and you will be the better for it.