What Your Shopping Cart Must Have To Increase Sales


There are several reasons that ecommerce website customers may abandon their shopping carts, factors that we have examined in past posts. However, it is sometimes effective to look more at what you should be doing than what you should not be doing. There are a few features that your shopping cart absolutely should include. Here is a short list that you can compare with your own shopping cart to identify any shortcomings.


People are very visually oriented; in fact, there is a good reason that your customer selected the item in question because of the photographs. To prevent pre-buying remorse, you need to show the same images in the actual shopping cart. Not only will this prevent shopping cart abandonment, it will make it easier for customers to review their carts and identify unwanted purchases, which in turn prevents returns.

Product information

Your shopping cart needs to have a link to the product as well as the price, the amount selected, and any other important information. People will begin to question whether they have made the right selections; you should make it easy for them to see that the order is ready to be bought.

Editing buttons

Buttons like ‘update quantity’ may seem like a waste of space, but they can prevent immense frustration in a customer who realizes that they chose the wrong size or otherwise needs to change their choice. If this option is not available, or if it is located in an area that is difficult to locate, the customer will be very likely to abandon their cart and never return.

Point of action assurances

This term covers ‘fine print’, things like privacy policy, return policies, security seals, and customer service phone numbers. These offer information that many customers actually need; in addition, they show that you are honest enough to be upfront about your policies. 

The call-to-action

Not only does your shopping cart need a ‘Call to Action’, usually in the form of a Checkout button, it needs to have one that is large and contrasts with the rest of the page. Make sure your most important call to action get priority when it comes to space and contrast, with less important ones occupying less prime real estate and in more muted colors. 

Estimated tax and shipping

People like to know as early as possible what their total will be. In fact, fear of unexpected charges is one of the main reasons that people abandon their shopping carts. You can prevent this by simply giving them an idea of what their total cost will be. In most cases, it is not as bad as your customers expect.

Gift options

These are an excellent way to upsell, and you might be surprised at how many people take advantage of them. In fact, some customers are so adamant that their presents to other be wrapped that they will only shop at stores offering gift options. Offer gift options on the shopping cart page will encourage customers to complete the order and also give you a new source of revenue.