Shaping the Page Website Review


It has not escaped our attention that some of the best web page designs belong to web design companies. If you are running a design business of any kind or even an IT business, your website is an example of your best work. It must be attractive, easy to navigate, and show potential customers your company’s full potential. One website that meets these requirements is that for graphic designer Andy & Emily Johnson’s online studio Shaping the Page at

This small business creates interfaces as well as both web and print projects, so it is important that their own website be impeccable. In this case it truly is. First, the landing page features a cool, watercolor blue background that is clean yet has artistic undertones. Several elements, such as the elephant in the bottom left-hand corner, seem to be hand sketched and then filled in with watercolor paints as well. A small window at the right scrolls through examples of the pair’s completed projects. At the top are four tabs—that’s right, just four. Everything you need to know about Shaping the Page falls under the heading of Portfolio, Journal, or Contact information. This makes it easy to find what you need and keeps the customer’s attention.

Although there is probably a lot that the business could have put on their webpage, they have instead chosen to stay very simple, in keeping with their line and watercolor theme. This offers potential customers a view of their unique style. While designers certainly try to please clients and make decisions that are best for each website, they always leave a little bit of themselves in their projects. This makes it very important for design companies to display a little (or a lot) of their style on their websites. In this case, we can see that Shaping the Page is minimalist yet creative.

Here is our rating:

Creativity: 4 stars. While this is not the most unique landing page we have seen, the watercolor theme and simple line drawings help differentiate the company in a field where modern lines dominate.

Ease of use: 5 stars. Placing only the most relevant information on your webpage and then organizing it simply and well makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

Functionality: 4 stars. You can find everything you need to know about the company as well as links to their Twitter. We have to wonder if they have a Facebook or other social networking site, though, and if so, why isn’t it displayed on the homepage?

Content: 5 stars. It is as minimalist as the other elements of the page, but that simply helps build the brand. Further, a few well chosen quotes help to show the designers’ perspective.

Appropriateness: 4 stars. Although this is a well designed site that shows the business’s potential, one has to wonder why there aren’t more of the tech-savvy elements that most people turn to a web designer for.

Overall: 4.4 stars. Overall, an excellent job!