Science Meets Creativity


The UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (shortened to UKCMRI for obvious reasons) is an institute that performs biomedical research. This is an interesting topic to many of us, but the centre had a very bland name and a bland UK logo design to match it. The logo was basically the acronym for the centre, in upper case rounded letters in official blue and grey colours. There just isn’t a lot to it, or a lot to say about it except one word: Boring.

This is really a shame, because scientific logo design is an interesting and innovative field. However the centre has now adopted a new name and a new UK logo that are more interesting and more appropriate for the industry. The UKCMRI is now The Francis Crick Institute, named for the scientific pioneer who first discovered the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule. While this is hardly a familiar name to people outside the biomedical world, it gives the institute a more personal feeling that is relevant to the field.

The new logo design is interesting and relevant as well. It features the name of the centre in white lettering enclosed in a black box. This is a logo with that distinct official feeling and would be almost as boring as its predecessor if it were not for the coloured triangles jutting out in the background. The triangles may seem randomly placed, but they feel symmetrical and are definitely attractive.

The core value for this logo was “The more we connect, the more we create.” The triangles are meant to represent the range of people, fields, organisations and ideas that come together at the institute. The black square represents, of course, the institute itself. This logo may be rather simple, but it communicates this idea very clearly and visually.

There are a few things that we like about this UK logo design. First, the name of the scientist is written in slightly bolder letters than the other words, which makes this portion of text really pop out. It also adds interest to the design and keeps the wording from feeling bland. Second, it uses the popular logo design motif of transparency. The triangles are translucent, so that the colours blend where they overlap. This illustrates the ideas of coming together and creating something new. Meanwhile, the black square contributes to a professional feeling and keeps the logo appropriate for the rather serious work being done in the centre.

Collaboration and imagination are both important parts of science in general and the biomedical field in particular. It is not by any means a bland subject, although it may be too technically difficult for those of us who are not scientific experts. This institute deserved a more interesting name and a more interesting brand. We are glad to see that they have finally achieved it.

Do you have the interesting and meaningful UK logo design that your organization or business needs in order to find success? The answer to this question may have a huge effect on your future viability.