Schwinn Promoted Products and Brand with Social Media


How recognizable is the Schwinn brand and logo design? For most of us, the answer is… not too recognizable. However, this is rapidly changing thanks to a modern social networking push from the vintage bicycle brand.

Schwinn has rapidly been replaced among bike lovers by more technical brands with modern bells and whistles. However, the company is attempting to win back the hearts and minds of outdoors lovers everywhere with a new marketing push that prominently features social networking.

There are good reasons to use social networking as the main element of a marketing scheme. First, it is extremely low cost, at times free. That puts this media in the price range of any company. Second, social media services is seen as a young and modern choice, which helps a brand reach out to young and modern people. Schwinn is reportedly reaching out specifically to young women, who are the buyers for themselves, their children, and other a large chunk of their household.

Schwinn’s Twitter page has 1,200 followers, which is less than most corporations and less than many teenaged girls. However, it is certainly a start! The page is currently used mainly for giveaways; a lot of the retweeting and other strategies for interacting with customers seem to be absent. However, the Facebook branding presence of the brand is significant. The brand has almost 30,000 fans who leave messages and commentary on the page. There is also a ‘Discover Joy’ page, using the brand’s new unofficial tagline. This is pretty much an online catalog as well as a guide to selecting the right Schwinn lifestyle for your lifestyle.

Sound mundane? Well, there is a little more. The best part of Schwinn’s social media marketing by far is the ‘Joy Agents’ page, which features blogs from a few different people including a mother of a Schwinn-owning child and a bike mechanic. This section features practical advice such as videos on how to bike with children. All of the videos can also be found in another social media site: YouTube branding and twitter branding.

This is all part of a plan, a five million dollar plan to bring the brand back from the brink. There are so many choices nowadays, but Schwinn wants to make sure they are always at the top of your list. It was not always this difficult; there was a time when Schwinn was one of very few choices. In the seventies, you were nobody if you didn’t own one of those Schwinn bikes that looked like a motorcycle. While it is sad to see a once-simple industry get so competitive, it is nice to see that an old favorite brand and logo design is still staying on top. Schwinn has been selling bikes for more than 110 years and has a history in the business.

This marketing campaign hearkens back to simpler times, but it does so in a way that works. It makes us want a Schwinn, a classic, dependable Schwinn, instead of the titanium beasts we see in mountain biking magazines.

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