School of Art and Design Gets Artsy New Design


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: businesses related to design absolutely must have logos and visual identities that are the best in the corporate world. Schools dedicated to art and design are no exception to this rule; in fact, as purported leaders in the design world they just may need a great visual identity and brand even more than their more commercial counterparts.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, or MCAD, is one college that has introduced a new logo design as a means of showing off their design prowess. The old logo is simple and versatile, with the school’s acronym written in an all caps, bold font. A small X is shown above the name, indicating that this is a destination in itself—we’ve all heard that ‘X marks the spot’, right? The logo is often seen with different designs and colors in the background, making it one of the more versatile logo designs we have seen.

The new logo design retains the versatility and simple charm of its predecessor, but it is more modern and provides a much needed update. The font is very similar to the previous one, but made slightly wider to provide continuity with the new and improved X. The new X keeps its former connotation, but has been modified to have a second meaning: two arrows converging in a graphic representation of the new vision statement. The new vision statement is that the college is dedicated to “transforming the world through creativity and purpose.”

Further, the new logo design is crafted so it can be used with the college’s full name, which is important as it is intended to appeal to people who are new to the graphic design world.

The new logo needs no embellishment, but it can still be used with a variety of designs in the background, helping it maintain the versatility that made the former logo so effective. Adding a touch of gray maintains this versatility as well, while giving the school something that the old logo design was missing: a distinct color palette.

Even established businesses need an occasional visual refreshing, and we think this is a great way of going about the job. With over a decade of turning out solid artists and graphic designers, the college had good reason to maintain certain aspects of its visual identity. After all, why mess with a good thing? The X and the simple typeface were working well for MCAD, so there was no need to dispense with them. Keeping these elements while creating a more modern and ‘pulled together’ overall look was a great choice for this college.

If you think your identity needs a more modern touch, but you are afraid to make huge changes that might alienate your customer base, examples such as this offer a middle road alternative that may be the best option. Talk to a logo designer today about whether your logo needs a complete overhaul or a few meaningful changes.