Satellite Voices Website Review


Are you ready for a different type of fashion magazine design? International fashion website Satellite Voices just may be the magazine for you. This online zine, which is marketed to an international audience, offers news from around the world along with fashion that can look beautiful in any context.

Website Reviewed: Satellite Voices

The Satellite Voices website is a little edgy, which is a good brand for an internet magazine presenting international style. It is easy to access any article on the landing page, and a navigation bar allows you to sort information by topic (these are very general) or region. A listing of articles similar to that seen in the front of a magazine would be a good addition because that is how people are used to dealing with a normal, paper publication.

We encountered numerous error messages while perusing the website, which is frustrating for website visitors. This combined with the rudimentary organizational scheme make the website difficult to navigate. While the brand is appealing, SatelliteVoices appears to be all form and little function, which is definitely detrimental. However, these are errors that could be easily changed (hint, hint?).

Creativity: 5 stars. The design itself is simple with a colorful, splotchy background reminiscent of graffiti or street art. However, this is merely a background note; the main photography is stark and beautiful, with professional quality and a focus on detail. Even so, the background adds a touch of youthful fun and says a lot about the brand being promoted.

Ease of use: 3 stars. It can be very difficult to navigate this website. You should be able to narrow the topics to read exactly what you are interested in—the way people flip through a magazine. Instead the website has categories based on country and region or very broad topic categories. Viewers therefore must either miss out on great articles or simple page through every single issue—and who has the time for that?

Functionality: 3 stars. Does this website even know that Facebook exists? There is no contact information anyone on the website, although even a Facebook page would do a lot to help customers feel connected to the brand. The website offers almost no special or fun functions, as well-designed as it otherwise is.

Content: 5 stars. There is very little content on this website, but what exists is well-written and proper in every way. We especially love the way the magazine offers a clean look despite having a variety of different items on every page. This balance is partially due to the lack of text, although the organization of articles into picture blocks helps out a little.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is youthful and edgy, which is exactly the way that we would expect it to be. If offers the best of all worlds: a beautiful magazine based on style, with issues for different sections of the world, all for free and available from the privacy of your home.

Overall: 4.2 out of 5 stars.