Sales for People who Hate Sales


Many ecommerce website owners (and small business owners) struggle with their feelings about sales. On one hand, we all love working for ourselves, and this almost always requires some sales. On the other hand, many of us do not consider ourselves salesmen at heart and may feel a little uncomfortable about the whole process of selling.

As an ecommerce website owner, this can be devastating. You probably lose many leads simply because your website fails to follow through on them—to make the sale. You might avoid marketing in your social media sites and emails to customers to the point of leaving it out altogether. Here are a few facts that may help you be a better ecommerce salesperson. 

  • Resistance is natural. Customers may seem resistant to sales-speak simply because buyer resistance is a natural phenomenon. Marketing messages are all around us, and most Americans would go bankrupt if they did not have at least a little resistance to sales messages. However, visitors and leads have come to you for a reason: because they are interested in and have a need for your product. If you do not encourage this behavior and make the sale, someone else will. You are not being pushy by offering someone a solution that they are already seeking.
  • Most customers need a nudge. You don’t have to push, merely to nudge. Like we said, resistance is natural, but a customer to your site is already looking for a product like yours. Give them the nudge they need to complete the sale—usually in the form of a call to action.
  • Your brand is worth believing in. If you have had a brand and logo design created by a professional, then you are ahead of the game. You have to believe that your brand is worth believing in, worth sharing with the world.
  • You are an expert. You may not view yourself as an expert, but in fact you are. Who knows more about your products and services? Probably no one! Part of your marketing efforts should be focused on education and information. Only you can tell customers about your particular ecommerce website and products. To paraphrase another marketing giant, just do it!
  • Your products and services solve a problem. The most effective sales techniques are ones that focus on helping the customer solve a problem, rather than simply making a profit. Part of the branding process is identification of the problems that your products solve. Keep this solution in your head whenever you are marketing or making a sale. You are not asking people to flush their money down a toilet; you are asking them to pay a fair price for a solution to their problems. Viewing sales in this way can make you much more comfortable with the field in general.
  • Professionally written sales copy is usually best. You want to present your products in the best possible light, but you don’t want to be pushy. The answer is to have your sales copy written by a professional. These people know how hard to push and what language will appeal most to customers. This will let your website do the sales for you, leaving you with marketing, management and duties with which you are more comfortable.