Sage Media Website Review


There are a few design elements that seem to be getting more than their fair share of usage lately. Among these are animals and polka dots. It’s difficult to use both of these without making the design conscious around you feel that they are dying just a little bit inside. Doing so in an attractive way that is actually interesting and unique is quite a feat.  These are just a few of the reasons that we love the website for Sage Media at

The first thing you notice about this page is the two-tone green text box in the middle. One box tells you that you are at the home page (a little obvious for our taste) while the other gives definitions of the two words in the name. While most of us could easily define these words, the definitions are worded to give insight into the type of business being run here. This is a subtle device, and also explains the use of an owl, which is generally considered a symbol of wisdom.

Okay, green is an overused color as well, but in this case it is actually necessary, as the name fairly demands a calming sage green. A stylized and wide-eyed owl sits next to the main text box, looking out with a relative lack of emotion. We see brightly colored polka dots at the top of the page, apparently to add interest and to tie into the dots on the cute little owl’s back. However, when you move your cursor over them, they are actually links to other pages in the website. This is clever enough to make the most jaded of us smile a little. Better yet, if you click on them, the page that opens uses the same color as its dot. Brilliant.

Each page not only has its own color, it also shows a different part of the owl. It should be noted that the goldenrod ‘clients’ tab shows the owl’s bottom, which we hope was not done on purpose. These pages include only the most basic information, written in simple language. The last page gives all of the necessary contact information, including a link to the company’s blog. To our delight, the blog uses the same owl and the same color palette, and is named Sophos Says, tying into the wisdom theme.

If we had to pick two words to describe this website, they would probably be: simple, and stylish. This is exactly the aesthetic that this company is trying to create. They are a media company, so they need a great blog. Not only does this blog show off their design skills and sense of style, it shows their subtle humor and even intelligence. Customers who visit this blog will want to do business with this company, which is exactly the type of feeling that they are trying to invoke.  Making popular and overused elements feel fresh and witty is quite a feat, one that has been completed successfully here.