RSAMD to Adopt New, More Scholarly Brand


The Glasgow Educational Association was founded in 1845, but it has since grown to be not just a bustling arts school but Scotland’s most active performing arts venue. Until recently, the school had been using the name Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, or RSAMD. However, it is undergoing a period of immense change, which will include a switch to the name Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and a complete overhaul of the school’s brand identity.

There are several reasons for these changes. First, the school has been steadily adding to its concentrations. There was a time when it offered only music classes; the name was changed once in the mid-twentieth century when drama was added. Dance was later added, but the name remained the same. The problem with using the words ‘drama’ and ‘music’ in the name of the conservatoire is that the name will need to be changed every time a new art is added or removed from the mix.

In addition, this UK logo design was in desperate need of a change. There was nothing scholastic or refined about it. The jewel tones were better fitted to the early nineties and the font was more appropriate for an event or other smaller brand. The logo feels hand-painted, which would be appropriate for an arts school of a different sort but not one that focuses exclusively on performing arts.

The new name will allow the school more flexibility to follow different subjects as necessary without having to change the name every time a new class is added. In addition, it just sounds more official and more scholastic.

The new music logo design is more scholarly as well. It features the name of the school in white against a black background, with the initials formed from white bars that resemble piano keys. The writing is serious and austere, while the image is modern and clever. This UK logo design creates the perfect balance for the school, one that will represent the new Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to both its community and the rest of the world.

The new logo design and name are being launched as we type this. They will be used in print and digital applications, including the buildings, signage and school website. To raise awareness as the school neared the launch of the new brand, the RSAMD recently launched a poster campaign that brought attention to the many famous artists who were trained at the college. Sixty portraits of notable alumni were taken by renowned photographer K.K. Dundas and thirty were printed on posters along with the featured artists’ accomplishments. The alumni featured include famous UK celebrities such as Alan Cumming. The full line of photos can be seen right now in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Many people question whether schools really need a professional brand and logo design. After all, a school should be defined by their ability to educate and to produce productive members of society. However, branding and logo design definitely affect the number and quality of people who apply as well as the calibre of the teaching staff. In short, branding is very successful to the success of any organisation, including an educational one.