Retro Ideas for Web Sites


Retro Ideas for Web Sites: When the internet was still young, simple websites were the norm. Anything with a fancy layout quickly stood out amongst the boring and basic websites that were once prevalent. As times change, so can what stands out. Today’s web browsers are used to various gimmicks for catching attention. They have seen so much that innovation itself can at times be the norm. Sometimes it’s good to pay homage to the good old’ days and stand out with doing something retro.

Retro is a style that changes, just like everything else. It almost has its own meaning depending on context, this one is the internet, so what old school ideas can be used to differentiate you from the crowd?

A good place to start is the one-page layout. There are a few advantages to this layout. One is that it is easy to maintain, there is no worrying about tabs or links really, just straightforward web browsing. Internet users are no longer used to that kind of convenience, they just load one page, it has everything they are looking for and that’s all.

These can appear like profile pages for your business, with various pictures and pieces of information. This has been a popular type of web design for brands for a long time. They can add posts and links, run banner ads for new albums or shows as well. This has been further improved as a design concept with the prevalence of social networking sites such as Myspace, FaceBook, or Twitter.

Slap typefaces have been used for centuries on things such as wanted posters for criminals. The basic idea is to use all caps with a strong font on top of the piece. This is great for catching attention on the top of a page, coupled with a strong logo design placement, rather than having just a banner add, scrolling various wares that web browsers may or may not be interested in.

Slap typefaces can also be used with various fonts. This helps give a customized feeling to a website, and given that the website will be targeted to a specific audience, the font of the slap typeface will further attract the same audience.

Minimalist logo design is another great idea, making things simple with the strategic use of color and typography can be great for getting a point across. The point you ask? Use this website. It conveys the idea of ease of use, without alienating web browsers do it a low tech feel.

The trick with using retro concepts on a website is to make the look fresh. If a new website launches and it feels like it would be in place fifteen years ago, people may think it is a dinosaur of the internet. Use modern design theories applied to older concepts to garner a feel of the retro.

These are just a few ideas for a retro designed website that help the website still feel up to date. Retro has been used successfully for decades in various other kinds of designs from clothing to automobiles, so there is no reason it can’t be used in web design as well.