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A Premium Cosmopolitan Fast Food Restaurant Brand, Serving International Fusion Food Recipes in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

We created a stunning brand identity along with secondary marks, custom icons, and visual elements. We also created a beautiful website.

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Restaurant Logo Design

How do you choose a restaurant? There are thousands in London alone and even more throughout the UK, but somehow people manage to choose a restaurant on a regular basis. While some choices are based on personal experience, many people will try a new one based on a hunch alone. This is where the power of creative logo designs can have such a tremendous effect on your establishment’s success. Here are a few things that your cafe’s logo design should communicate.

Type of Branding. On the most elemental level, what kind of experience will people have when they walk in your doors? Will they stand in line to order food and then receive it in a paper bag? Will they sit at tables with linen tablecloths and eat off name brand china? People should be able to look at the identity and guess with reasonable accuracy what type of cuisine they will encounter. Because people are afraid of the unknown, the more your logo can tell them, the more likely they are to give you a try. You should also check out the top 10 local restaurant brands that we rated.

Type of food. Are you offering classic Italian, nouvelle cuisine, or fish and chips? Brand identities should give prospective customers an idea of what type of foods they will find on your menu. If the type of food isn’t immediately obvious from the business name alone, you can add a tagline or choose to use design elements to suggest this. If you are offering ethnic foods, consider using the home country’s flag as inspiration for your color palette. You can also include images resembling your key dishes in the logo itself. How you communicate in your designs is as important as what you communicate.

Price range. This is a more subtle characteristic to communicate in branding, but it is still possible. Generally, restaurant goers expect fun, colorful, or humorous logos to represent less expensive ones, while more classic images connote a higher price tag. Colour choice and shapes also give subconscious cues as to a restaurant’s prices, although this is a more delicate way of showing this. An experienced logo designer will know how to use the language of design to spread the word about your company through restaurant logo designs.

Level of service. Brand marks also tell your customers whether they will be waited on hand and foot, expected to help themselves, or almost anything in between. Again, subtleties of design are used to communicate what kind of service people can expect when they walk in your doors. Check out this article on the top restaurant identities.

Logos are not just a pretty picture to hand in front of your locations; they are a visual representation of what makes your establishment unique. Having an attractive, intriguing, and professional design can attract droves of adoring patrons, while an amateur job chases people away from your doorstep. Let an experienced, professional logo designer create a logo that is the centre of your brand, a logo that you can display with pride.

Logo Client: Peckers Fast Food

Logo Design Used In: Columbus, OH 43221

Logo Design Project Summary: Peckers is a new fast food delivery company that came to SpellBrand looking for a shiny new brand identity. Peckers delivers the best and biggest wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and sides.

The client wanted a chickadee character logo design that would look great on a sign, on the side of delivery vans and on staff uniforms. The SpellBrand team came up with a great looking chickadee cartoon character and coupled with a bold font and bright logo colors, the final design was stunning.

Creating a common animal character for a logo design is tricky business. The designer has to ensure the character design is unique and still be recognizable. This chickadee character was hand drawn in pencil first. Then the pencil sketch was inked and digitized in Adobe Illustrator. The font selection also proved to be quite challenging and time consuming.

Reference photos of chickadees were used to draw the initial character sketch. We used the same process as we would when creating a mascot character design. Of course this particular character was not as complex.