Re:Dzgn Website Review


We all like a well designed website and brand, but some people seem to take it too far. It’s especially disappointing when this design crime is committed by a design company. Ideally, a design company should set the pace for other companies, with a logo that is versatile and a website ( that matches this aesthetic. Re:Dzgn doesn’t fail us. The simple, four-color logo (in the three colors used in printing plus an organic coordinating green, at that) and ultra-modern feeling make the designer inside us smile.

The first clever part of this web page is the logo. While logo design is not technically web design, the logo nonetheless is used repeatedly in the site and they are both parts of the same brand. We think this logo deserves mention. It is simply the name, with stripes of the four colors. The word redesign has been rethought and now implies that this company and website are “regarding design”. This type of subtle intelligence permeates the website.

The logo is just the beginning of the design chops we can see here. Below the logo design, blocks of the same four colors hold links to other pages, which have been arranged into simple categories of what, who, how, and where. Below this, a cool, professional gray tells people exactly what this company’s industry is. Although it is barely noticeable, the gray is instrumental in giving a grounded, professional feeling to an otherwise Technicolor site.

With so many bright and flashy elements, a simple font is necessary. This one doesn’t disappoint, with rounded letters that are just simple enough to mean business.

Although this is an attractive and well designed landing page, the magic of this site happens when you click on one of the links. The entire page shifts upward into the new page. The buttons that were once at the bottom of the page shift so they are now at the top. It’s a small detail, but one that will draw the attention of potential web design customers. If you scroll upward, you are back to the home page.

This is an ultra-simple website, but it shows off the company’s sense of style, their ability to create logos and other attractive images, and their facility with different web elements. It also gives out all the important information that we want to know about a designer and includes links to different parts of the company portfolio. This combination of simplicity, elegance, and functionality is sure to be attractive to customers.

An attractive website doesn’t have to be as simple as this one—in fact, most shouldn’t be. The important thing here is that the website is a recognizable part of the company brand. Whatever your logo design and brand, they should have a huge effect on the appearance and function of your website. Re:Dzgn is modern and no-frills, but that may not be you. Talk to a logo designer or a website designer today to find out what kind of brand is perfect for your own company.