Redfin Slips into a New Identity

By Mash Bonigala

How can you possibly protect such an intangible thing as creative idea? True there is IPR protection, copyright, trademark and so on. But can they stop plagiarism completely? It is impossible because you can not guarantee that two creative individuals in two corners of the world will always think differently. As such there might be elements of similarity in others’ works.

But what happens when two designs reflect the same characteristic features? Well, then the latter entrant in the scene is dragged into the court and made to pay the penalty for even an unintentional lift.

This is what happened recently in case of Redfin a Seattle based Real estate firm. It was last week of April and Redfin announced its identity makeover.

The makeover announcement was coincided with their announcement about starting a new establishment in Boston. However, in the makeover process, the real estate website undergone complete change in the color scheme and acquired an all new logo.

The logo change was followed by the litigation threatened by (NASDAQ: MOVE). The holds that it has already a registered trademarked logo featuring a house inside the letter “o”. The original Redfin logo however featured the same approach of containing the house within a circle.

This time the logo for Redfin has been designed by Hornall Anderson Design Works. The new Redfin logo comprises an outline of a person under a tree that bears many house shaped fruits. The new website for the company has also been designed by the same design firm.

This redesign spree is expected to prove costly for the firm as now it has to revamp its web site, business card design and letterhead and in addition to that the “for sale” signs used in the construction sites.

However, it was noted by the company spokesperson that the entire move was out of compulsion, as had threatened to sue Redfin over its logo using the image of an encircled house. It has been acknowledged by the company, that the entire project was not “cheap”, though no exact figure was revealed.

While the newly designed website has been appreciated from the aspect of usability and functionality, the new logo failed to receive such accolades. Especially, the inclusion of fruit tree has been criticized on the ground that it looked incongruous in a Real Estate logo.

The company is planning to expand its business in the other parts of the continent especially towards the East coast. Let’s see, how the new logo contributes to the business growth of this Seattle online real estate startup. Read more on how to trademark your logo design.