Red Velvet Art Website


It can be difficult to inject a cold, hard website with homemade style. However, for some brands this is absolutely essential. Red Velvet Art is one such case. Because this boutique specializes in handmade, artisanal goods, a homegrown flavor is mandatory.

There are several ways that this is accomplished. First, Red Velvet Art has a wealth of hand drawn elements on their website, including the buttons and much of the writing. Even the search bar has homemade flair. A small lineup of featured products gives new visitors to the site an idea of what they can expect to find here.

The site is colorful, but a white background and black writing keep this from being overwhelming. Further, the different types of print along with different font sizes make key information easy to find. Although the site seems colorful, if you look closely there are just a few hues used, and these are placed in semicircles down the left side to give a pulled together feeling. The colorful feeling of the website ties into the wide variety of products being sold here.

While it’s important to feel homegrown and homemade, this website accomplishes the difficult task of doing so while maintaining a professional feeling and high functionality. This kind of balance is a sign of professional web design and good branding.

Creativity: 5 stars. It’s hard to imagine a website feeling more creative without being cluttered or an eyesore. Bright colors, fun fonts, and hand drawn images give the website a fun feeling without being childish or overwhelming. While the illustrations have a homey feeling, they are obviously created by a professional illustrator.

Ease of use: 4 stars. This website is organized so that it is very easy to use. Our only criticism is that there are a few things tucked at the bottom as though they are afterthoughts, including the blog and sale items. It seems like the sale items category belongs with the rest of the goods for sale, and the blog certainly merits its own button at the top of the page.

Functionality: 5 stars. From this website you can interact with the Red Velvet Art brand in a variety of ways, including a blog, social networking sites, and even a physical address. There is even a tag cloud allowing you to see the site’s tags and use them as search terms. In all, the site is a good brand presence as well as a fully loaded storefront.

Content: 5 stars. The content at Red Velvet Art is well written, professional, and as personal as the other aspects of the brand. While there is not a lot of written material, there is enough to create a well rounded website and to describe the products contained within.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. While the playful fun of this website might not be appropriate for most storefronts, it certainly works here. The homegrown aspects don’t interfere with the retail functions.

Overall: 4.8 stars. The Red Velvet Art website is a great mixture of fun and function.