Rebranding the Wrong Way

By Mash Bonigala

Are you in need of a new and revitalized brand? If so, you are not alone. Yesterday we talked about rebranding the right way. Many businesses from tiny boutiques to multinational corporations are re-doing their brands to remain relevant to savvy, modern UK consumers. By learning from the mistakes of others, you can make it through the rebranding process with no pain and all gain. Here are a few of the most common and most avoidable branding mistakes.

Being inconsistent. Every part of your business should add up to the cohesive whole that is your brand. If something doesn’t fit, now is the time to change it. Inconsistencies are often perceived as dishonesty or unprofessionalism, especially in the UK and European market, so make sure every piece fits neatly into your branding puzzle. From font to logo to signage to letterhead, all elements should be recognizable as belonging to your business.

Underestimating your current brand. While many small business owners are tempted to completely overhaul their existing brand, this kind of drastic change is rarely called for. In most cases, there are several good points to your current brand, as well as an existing following in your community. There is no need to lose either. Evaluate your brand carefully with a professional to determine what elements of your brand are worth keeping and which need replaced as soon as possible. In most cases, a few small changes are all that is needed to find new relevance and success.

Underestimating the customer experience. Customer experience boils down to two basic questions. How do customers feel when they interact with your brand? How do you want them to feel? Closing the gaps between these two important answers will be the heart of your rebranding strategy. Whether this needs a new customer service strategy or a different checkout strategy, look carefully at both conventional and creative solutions. Modern customers in the United Kingdom do not buy products and services alone; they also buy emotions and experiences. Don’t neglect the last two, or your business will fail.

Focusing on the superficial. Plastic surgery won’t cure cancer, and the same goes for a business’s brand. Never think that a change in font will affect employee morale or other internal issues that may be killing your company. When you make changes to your brand, ensure that these changes go as deep as they need to for real change to occur. Be honest and complete in your evaluation of your brand; every aspect of your company affects it. Once you have identified the problems, be ruthless in solving them.

Going it alone. No one should ever embark on the momentous change of rebranding without help from the experts. Employ a London based logo designer, a marketing consultant, and any other professionals necessary to ensure that this rebranding process is a success. An amateur brand, even a new one, will not give your business a fair chance at success. Their services will pay off in increased customer recognition, increased brand value, and the increased profits that are sure to result. Get the professional help you need to build a brand that will buoy your business to new heights.