Rebranding the Right Way

By Mash Bonigala

Many business owners reach a point where they realize that rebranding is necessary, but they are unsure about how to undergo this massive task. Here are five essential steps to rebranding successfully and seamlessly.

Rebrand from the inside out. The first people to know about and have input into your brand should your employees, investors and other key players in your business. Involving them in the rebranding process will help them buy into your new brand while calming their natural fears and anxieties about the process. You will also have access to inside information about your business from those who see it from a very different perspective.

Hire professionals. You likely don’t make every product that sits on your shelves or create your own electrical power, and there is a good reason for this. No one person can be an expert on every subject, so small business owners must rely on professionals for advice and experience. Let the professionals design your logos, develop other aspects of your brand, and create a marketing campaign that will take your business to new and unprecedented heights. This will make sure your rebranding is a success.

Be consistent. Now is your chance to ‘do it right’, to have the cohesive brand that will lead your company into the future. Don’t sell yourself short by allowing little inconsistencies to chip away at the foundation of your business. Make sure your logo, your marketing, and even your employee appearance tie into your brand rather than detract from it.

Care for existing customers. Once you have settled on a brand and all the little details it encompasses, your next step is to guide your existing customer base through the transition. Begin by notifying them either by email, post, or even a telephone call that your company is going through a change in appearance. Emphasize the benefits of the change and assure your customers that the elements of your business that they love will still be there. Assure them that you are there to answer any questions. You will get more customer support if you include a discount offer with your announcement. Your customers must feel they are coming out ahead in this process or they will be likely to run to one of your competitors.

Announce your new brand. With your current customers all on board, all that is left in your rebranding timeline is to take your new brand public. It’s time to roll out the press releases, invest in a quality marketing campaign, and most of all implement your brand in all aspects of your business. Now is the time to follow your carefully crafted plan and to let all of your careful planning pay off.

As you can see, rebranding is not difficult or scary if you do it the right way. By following these steps, you will end up with a newly rebranded business that has nowhere to go but up. Rebranding is not a tragic or extreme move, but rather a necessary part of any business’s growth.