Raining Cats & Dogs 2?


It may not be raining cats and dogs, but it certainly appears to be raining sponsors for the upcoming Warner Bros. UK movie Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Companies all over the UK are queuing up to be the latest brand linked with this as of yet unreleased family film.

Also known as Cats & Dogs 2, the film boasts a list of sponsors including Burger King, Nectar, Toys R Us, PDSA, Virgin Active, and Direct Line. Each of these brands will handle their sponsorship in a slightly different manner. The film’s marketing campaign and the linked events from sponsors will lead up to the film’s UK release on August 4.

UK Burger King has partnered with the film as part of a US deal of the same nature. On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, children will associate the movie with the Burger King brand and logo design when they receive movie character toys in their kid’s meals. This will give the movie additional publicity while giving children a reason to ask for Burger King instead of other casual dining choices.

Nectar will have a slightly simpler cobranding scheme, with a Cats & Dogs themed page on their website that will offer first glimpses at the trailer and film synopsis, as well as a prize draw that interested viewers can enter. Banners on the main business website along with announcements sent to members of the Nectar email newsletter list. This will link the two brands while giving Nectar’s company and logo design a family friendly association.

Toys R Us is also offering a free prize draw in its stores, along with carrying select Cats & Dogs toys. Direct Line will feature a prize draw on their website, supported by a television and pet magazine advertisements encouraging viewers to use their site to purchase pet insurance.

PDSA will offer the simplest campaign, with advertisements enticing shoppers to spend just five pounds at one of their many stores. Virgin Active, on the other hand, will have a more complicated and comprehensive campaign aimed at drawing families into their clubs. Sites with children’s facilities will have special movie themed activities that will include a project involving making cats and dogs out of recycled and salvaged materials.

Why are so many companies jumping to hitch their brand to this new film? Children are uniquely affected by cobranding. While an adult may be able to see that Burger King has not substantially changed despite their involvement in this campaign, a child will carry away a positive association that can last almost indefinitely. In fact, if a brand wants to reach out to children, creating relatable characters that they can associate with the company is a first step.

While an ad campaign on this scale is out of the question for many UK businesses, there are many ways to make your brand and logo design more child-friendly. Children are one of today’s most fickle markets, but also one of the most predictable. Contact us today for information on how to bring in these littlest customers.