Race Online Gets New Logo and New Image


How many adults in the UK have never used the internet? While most of us can’t imagine life with the World Wide Web, an astounding 9.2 million people in our nation have never been online—never. If these people knew what the other forty million of us know—that the internet can simplify life and put a world of information at your fingertips—they might be more inclined to give it a go. This is the entire point of Race Online 2012: to partner with companies and other organizations to help new internet users learn how to use the internet to better their lives. However, it will take a very powerful brand to convince these last holdouts against technology to give the internet a try!

The UK already has sponsored a Get Online Week during October 18-24 that is dedicated to this purpose. However, this week of exposure alone is not enough to completely get the word out about the advantages of the internet. For this reason, Go ON was unveiled this year, to be officially announced at Race Online 2012’s ‘Big Get Together’ on the 23rd of November. The more than 800 Go ON partners include government agencies, charities, and private businesses that support internet use among people in the UK. The intent is to make internet a part of life for all residents of the UK by 2012.

The logo representing Go ON is professionally designed to appeal to new internet users. The name of the organization is written in rounded, modern letters that are enclosed in a rounded square, which gives a very modern but still friendly image. The crisp pink colour is also a balance between modern and nonthreatening.

One of the interesting things about the Go ON logo design is how versatile it is. It is shown both alone and next to the tagline, “Get more out of life online.” The word ON is also featured in a variety of images where it forms a person who enjoys music, shopping, and a social life, all of which are benefits of having internet access.

What does this mean for small business owners? First, these new statistics indicate that the majority of people in the UK are on the internet, and that even more will be in the near future. This means that having a brand presence on the internet is more important than ever. Second, it shows how important branding can be. Even a measure such as this, which is not selling anything so much as inviting people to try out new technology, has a professional logo design and colour palette to represent it to the country.

Is your logo design and brand ready for national exposure? With more and more people on the internet, it is crucial that you think carefully about not just your local customer base, but your national audience as well. If you are unsure about how your brand will make this leap, talk to a professional logo designer today.