Pur Gets Clean New Look


You may not realize it, but water is a big brand in the United States. Despite our status as a first world country with reliably safe drinking water, many people here either buy bottled water or buy filtration products to cleanse their already clean liquid. Pur is one such brand. You can buy a variety of products from this brand, such as faucet mounted filters and purifying pitchers, but the logo design on all of them is the same.

Those of you who notice logos likely already realized that Pur was using a different logo. The brand began moving to their new design in October, although the image has only now been officially introduced and added to the website. The old Pur logo featured the company name in upper case letters in a unique, proprietary font. The top of the U held a cross-bar that dripped a single drop of water, formed to resemble the spout of the company’s faucet mounted purifier. The bold letters suggested an industry leader while also helping the brand to be recognized at a distance.

The only element that has been kept from the old brand is the blue color, and even that has been changed to a deeper, more modern hue. The lettering is now in lower case only, with none of the details that made the old font so recognizable. The drop is still there, but in a different place and form, hidden in the top of the first letter. Three letters below explain what the brand is selling, although you likely already knew that.

Lower case lettering is generally friendlier than capitals, but we have to wonder why the change. We suspect that the company is offering more water filtration options than when the original logo was created. The new SpellBrand well for pitchers, faucet mounts, and just about any other water purification set-up you can imagine. We really like the change in blue colors; the new one is more modern and reminiscent of deep, clean water while the old called up images of a public swimming pool.

Are we the only ones getting tired of lower case lettering? It seems like everyone is doing it now, and the motif has lost its meaning accordingly. In many cases, going with those popular, rounded, lower case fonts can result in a lack of balance between the first letter and the rest of the logo design. The Pur logo seems to suffer from this problem.

The old logo was more unique, but the new one is more modern and has better colors. So which is the winner? In this case, we will have to declare it a tie. Because there are several trendy elements, such as the lower case letters, the company will likely have to start from scratch in just a few years. However, this logo remains very appropriate for its product and its brand, so it will represent the Pur company just fine in the meantime.