Project Painters Website Review


We tend to think of painting as being somewhat of a blue-collar industry, but there is plenty of skill and artistry involved. A good paint job can make all the difference between an attractive room and one that is virtually unlivable. If you are looking for a painter, their website is a great place to turn for clues as to their skill and what kind of paint jobs they offer. In this case, Project Painters is trying to portray themselves as a modern choice with knowledge of all of the latest techniques in their field.

The landing page gives a hint as to the business’s style, with an ultra-modern but high-quality sitting room showcased in the middle of a website with distinctly contemporary decoration. The company logo design is also modern but hints at the old-fashioned quality and attention to detail. The website is set up so that it is easy to scroll through the tabs at the top of each page and get an idea of what types of services are offered. Cool greenish-blue is used throughout the site and gives a modern yet calming impression.

Creativity: 4 stars. The background here is creative while also relevant to modern wall finishes, as it looks like trendy wallpaper. If this pattern doesn’t appeal, you can sample the work of this business simply by looking at the pictures that decorate every page of the site. The wallpaper is all the more interesting because the pattern ties into that of the logo—an interesting and definitely creative touch.

Ease of use: 5 stars. Every part of the website is accessible from the tabs at the top of the page, making this an exceptionally easy to use website. While this is a simple site to organize, it is nonetheless one that customers will find it a joy to navigate.

Functionality: 4 stars. There are no links to Twitter, blogs, Facebook or other social networking sites, and that’s really a shame. With so many people watching home improvement reality shows on television, it is easy to see businesses such as this one gaining droves of fans by talking about some of their favorite projects along with the occasional set of before and after photos.

Content: 4 stars. This is, for the most part, an intelligent and well-written website. However, there are a few minor grammar errors that, while minor, give a less than professional image. It is important to have your website proofread by several different people in order to prevent issues such as this.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. With a wallpaper-like background in a cool, modern color, it is difficult to think of a web theme that would be more appropriate for a painting and wallpapering business. The pictures and all elements are appropriate both for the industry and for the very modern brand being presented here.

Overall: 4.4 stars. There are a few little issues here and there, but the overall impression is of a well-designed and visually attractive website that is incredibly functional and easy to use.