Private Caterer Website Review


Well-designed food websites are perhaps the most pleasant to write about. They are filled with delicious descriptions, mouth-watering photos, and enticing brands. You can practically smell the homemade bread and desserts. With that said, we bring you: Catering by Katie.

Website Reviewed: Catered by Kate

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This private caterer offers a variety of services that set her apart from most caterers. First, she designs the menu with you, according to your preferences and the occasion. Second, she offers private chef services and even cooking lessons. Although the menus are individually chosen for each occasion, you can get an idea of the cook’s abilities from the sample menus and photographs. However, offering something for everyone can make it difficult to design a website.

Because this is not a typical catering service, the website must be top-notch in order to accurately “capture” the quality and flair of the entrepreneur. We believe that the Catered by Katie website accomplishes this beautifully. The light blue color is feminine yet formal, perfect for this caterer, while the heart logo design is modern but friendly. The rest of the website is similarly well-balanced: informative yet engaging, informal yet cordial.

There are certain site limitations; for instance, there are no social networking links and no blog. We know that catering is by nature a small local endeavor and that Katie is busy in the kitchen anyway, but these would be excellent additions to the website. Overall, this website has a wonderful brand and lots of information, but is lacking on the ‘follow through’. Customers need a solid call to action and then links that take them directly to that action.

Creativity: 5 stars. Obviously a lot of creativity went into the design of this website. The color is unusual for food related sites, although it works marvelously. In addition, there are well-thought-out details such as the way pieces of paper with torn edges are used as navigation buttons. Professional quality photography makes the food look good enough to eat—which, we hope, it is.

Ease of use: 5 stars. This website is designed so that it is easy and intuitive to find what you need. Further, it has been written so that both people who are familiar with caterer and complete brand newcomers can find what they need efficiently.

Functionality: 2 stars. No links to social networks or blogs? That’s a lot of wasted opportunity. We bet that a lot of prospective customers are on Facebook, and these people may never see Katie’s beautiful designed website if she isn’t there as well.

Content: 5 stars. There is very little written content, but the wording is concise and carefully chosen. This gives the website a professional feeling that compliments the quality of the goods.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. We love the nontraditional color palette as well as the non-food related logo. These are designed so they are still appropriate (albeit less obvious) and they set the caterer apart in an industry filled with choices.

Overall: 4.4 out of 5 stars.